Labor Day (Elks Lodge 309 – COS, CO)

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Stilla and I finished up our ‘labor’ before the big party at the Elks Lodge 309.  We completed our self-imposed project of sanding and painting all the lawn furniture that was previously green.

‘before’ pic of a table
‘after’ pic of some tables we painted

Some other folks here at the lodge, also got the ‘bug’ and cleaned the pool partitions while we finished up our painting.  There’s a lot of nice people here at the lodge living the Elks motto; “Elks Care, Elks Share”.


Biff stopped by again to repair an electrical outlet that was about to fall off the wall.


You may remember Biff from my previous post when he was fixing and painting some of the old wooden picnic tables.


In other news –  Our next-door neighbor (Barney) here at the RV park had to put his little dog to sleep on Friday.  I think Barney told me he was either 16 or 18 years old.  He was blind and deaf.  Here’s one last photo in memory of “Noah”.  Rest-in-Peace little guy…


We enjoyed the pool some more on Saturday with the grandson who comes by pretty often.  Somehow, his X-Box playstation ended up in our bedroom  again recently hooked up to the TV.  At least he didn’t glue himself to it and got out in the pool most of the day.


And on Saturday we had a little impromptu BBQ in the Elks backyard with our new friends; Jerry & Marilyn from Oklahoma.  Good food with good people!


Jerry and I went on a short motorcycle ride together Sunday morning before the Elks Lodge Labor Day BBQ kicked off.  Jerry hauls his 2003 Heritage Softail around in his Ford Ranger pickup, pulled by his motorhome when they’re traveling.

We stopped by my old high school buddy’s shop to try to get him to join us for a ride, but he was taking part in a ‘poker-run’.  His shop was one of the stops for “Bikers United for America 9/11 Remembrance Run“.  We hung out for a bit and then toured Manitou before returning to the lodge for the day’s activities.


My best friend and old Manitou High School buddy, Mike Harris in front of his automotive repair shop.

Back at the Lodge, the band had started up and the BBQ was in full-swing…


And then we ran into Alpine Coach owners, Jim & Sally!  They just came down from the Westminster Elks Lodge in Denver.  I wrote about our last visit with them in my post HERE.


It was a great evening with new and old friends… here’s Jim and Stilla getting a little dance on…


Our oldest daughter Jennifer and her son Kaan enjoyed the pool…


We hung out with Jerry & Marilyn and Jim & Sally for the rest of the evening.  Jerry & Marilyn even had some friends from Westcliffe stop by for a quick visit. It was nice to meet them too.


A friend of Jim & Sally also joined us briefly.  It’s a small RV world out there.

(L to R) David, Ted, and Sally.
(L to R) Marilyn, Jerry, and Jim.
Jerry & Marilyn dancing by the pool.
(L to R) Stilla, David, Sally, Jim, Marilyn, and Jerry.

And another great evening in Colorado comes to a close…


Little Coach says, C U later 🙂


This morning (Monday) we plan on getting in some riding on the motorcycle with new friends Jerry & Marilyn.  Check back in for a full recap…


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