Helping Out at the Lodge & New Friends (Elks Lodge 309 – COS, CO)

More of the same around here… we continue to help out around the lodge.  As a matter-of-fact, our friend Biff stopped by yesterday to join in on the fun.

Biff fixed and painted a few of the picnic tables while Stilla and I continued sanding and painting the metal lawn furniture. You may remember Biff from many of our recent blog post pictures; Biff & Linda are good friends with my Dad and stepmom Elaine and are also members of the FCRV group that we attend campouts with.  He is also a long-time Elks Lodge 309 member and originally sponsored my membership here.

Biff fixing picnic tables at Elks Lodge 309.
Biff fixing picnic tables at Elks Lodge 309.
Biff prepping one of the picnic tables for a fresh coat of paint.
Biff painting one of three wooden picnic tables at Elks Lodge 309.

And here’s the finished product… like new again and ready for some more fun Elks Lodge activities.  Great job Biff!


Here’s a ‘before’ picture of one of the metal chairs we’ve been painting…


And here’s an ‘after’ pic of Wednesday’s progress…


Only a dozen or so tables left to paint… we finished up all the chairs 🙂

Afterwards, we had the pool all to ourselves…


We topped off the evening with new friends, Jerry and Marilyn.  They parked their RV here at the lodge a couple days ago and plan to stay for a couple weeks.  They got us very interested in visiting Port Aransas near Corpus Christi, TX in the near future.  We’ll see…

Jerry & Marilyn; our new friends here at Elks Lodge 309.

We look forward to spending more ‘quality’ time with Jerry & Marilyn during their stay here 🙂

In other news:  We got little dog ‘Coach’ into the vet last week.  We chose Banfield Pet Hospital because they are located throughout the country in PetSmart stores.  This will make it easier in our future travels to get him shots, check-ups, etc., since every PetSmart™ will now have his medical history.  He got all his shots current and the vet gave him a clean bill of health.  The vet thinks his seizure-like episodes may be due to a restricted trachea and we need to watch his weight.  In order to determine anything more, we’d have to order x-rays and ultrasounds.  He hasn’t had any new episodes since the 4th of August which I wrote about (Here).  He has thrown up once or twice since then, but he seems to be able to get air and recovers quickly.  We continue to watch his diet but sometimes he’ll grab something from the ground or grass when we’re not watching.  Hopefully, he doesn’t get ahold of a poisonous mushroom or something like that.

Little ‘Coach’ watching us paint lawn furniture from his plastic throne.

We have a follow-up appointment in three weeks for little Coach and also some doctor appointments for us that will keep us here until the 20th of October.  So stay tuned…