Day-by-Day (Elks Lodge 309 – COS, CO)

We’re still stationary at the Elks Lodge here in Colorado Springs, just taking it day-by-day.  It’s kind of nice being in one place for a month (we got here on 6 August) because we’re saving money on fuel and campground costs.  This is especially good, (saving money, I mean), since we had to buy new tires for the Silverado recently.  I posted about that HERE.  Plus – Stilla really enjoys being near the daughters and grandson.  But – I’m starting to get the ‘hitch-itch’ and  hope to start heading south in early October.  We’ll see…


Meanwhile, we’ve just been taking advantage of our time here to get together with friends and family as opportunities present themselves.  And we continue to take advantage of the reasonably-priced meals here at the Elks Lodge but you’re probably tired of hearing about Taco Tuesday, Friday Dinners, and Sunday Brunch.

Speaking of the Elks Lodge – Several times now, I’ve helped to set-up or move tables/chairs for some of the ever-changing events and activities that take place here.  I often join the former camp-host here for morning coffee in the lodge and one thing leads to another…  A couple days ago, I even helped clean the pool which had been neglected for a few days.  Stilla joined-in and we vacuumed the bottom of the pool after the camp host set up the cleaning apparatus.  It feels good to volunteer our (valuable?) time and help out. 🙂


The only other “news-worthy” thing I can think about to report on here lately; was joining my old Army buddy Tim for a visit to a local gun show event (no pics allowed) that we followed up with a short ride over to Pikes Peak Harley Davidson for their weekend open-house and free grill.


I’ve known Tim since 1982 or so – when we were stationed together in Schwabach GE with the 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, 1st Armored Division (1-1 CAV).  Tim even attended our wedding ceremony (1983) in Germany.  I wrote about that in a previous post HERE.


Tim always seems to be looking for that “next great deal” and talked with the salesman about trade-in value on one of his bikes.  Yes, he has more than one…


Tim used the ‘tailor in a trailer’ to get a little sewing done on his vest while we were here.


We didn’t take advantage of the bikini-bike-wash and parted ways again before the afternoon wind picked up.  See you later, Tim!


In other news – my Dad has recovered well from his surgery to remove skin cancer from his nose.  We’re thankful for the positive outcome.  My Dad and stepmom joined us for Friday’s dinner and Sunday Brunch here at the lodge.

And that’s about it for now… oh yea – I did a little work on one of the cabinets at the front of the Coach to minimize the “rats-nest” of cables in the entertainment center.  I’ll post some ‘before & after’ pics later.  Check back soon…

3 thoughts on “Day-by-Day (Elks Lodge 309 – COS, CO)”

  1. David, you know…with all the down time you currently have, you can catch up on Forge of Empires. You know what would be even cooler? If you told me what world/worlds you were set up in and send me a friend request! Hinthinthint


    Oh…and please let me know what new toy you purchased at the gun show! We all know you you didn’t leave there without one!

    1. TY,
      I only did the Forge of Empires while we were parked in Casa Grande… found it too time-consuming and felt like I wasn’t getting other stuff done that I otherwise should be doing. So, sorry about that 😐 And, nope… didn’t buy anything at the gun show except for some magazines for a friend that couldn’t make it there himself.

      1. Bummer….x 2!

        I guess I have to go with you next time. You need a new addition to the collection. Seriously. Your purchase could mean 2 or 3 Americans keep their jobs for another week! That’s how you have to look at it. You’re not hoarding anything…you’re helping the economy!

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