Friends (Colorado Springs, CO)

We went over to the house on Friday to program the garage door remotes for the new owner because he complained they didn’t work.  He was right –  I couldn’t get them to work either… I’ll have to go buy some fresh batteries and try again later.  This was the only discrepancy he found during the walk-thru he conducted last Wednesday.  Once I take care of the remotes, and get the Harley out of the garage, we’ll finally be finished with everything!  Closing is still set for Monday morning.  Yoo Hoo 🙂

On Friday evening, we had some old friends join us for dinner at the Elks Lodge.  Tim and Christine are friends from waayy back.  I’m talking early ’80s… Tim is an old Army buddy that was stationed in Schwabach Germany (1-1 CAV) with me back in the cold war days.

Tim & Christine Bargy

Here’s an old picture of Tim (on the left) from 1983 when he attended our wedding in Germany.  He now lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Christine.  We’re not sure where Craig (on the right) is located at nowadays… we think he might be in Milwaukee.


One of the cool things about doing a blog is that every so often I get the opportunity to dredge up old photos and give them new life… here’s another example of that –  the pic below was also taken at our wedding in 1983 and includes old Army buddies; (L to R) Craig Collins, Tim Bargy, and Jim Burns:


And here’s a more recent pic (2014) of myself, Tim and Jim.  We held an impromptu reunion when Jim was passing through Colorado.  Tim and I drove up to Denver to meet Jim for a brief dinner before his plane took him back up to Washington where he lives now.

David, Tim, and Jim. “We’ve aged pretty well” eh?

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my Dad and stepmom Elaine also attended dinner with us; along with more recent friends Biff & Linda.  Here’s some pics of us trying to talk to each other over the loud jukebox music after dinner at the Elks Lodge:





After dinner, Tim and Christine joined us in the Coach for more conversation.  Christine is also from Germany, so of course, the girls jabbered in Deutsch while Tim and I conversed.  We talked late into the evening catching up on events and recent activities.  We haven’t seen Tim & Christine since we left for the southwest in January.  It’s always great seeing old friends… you know what they say; Life without friends is like a ‘pencil without an eraser’ or ‘books without paper’…

Christine and Tim Bargy in the Urban Escape Vehicle.

On Saturday we went back to the house to try new batteries for the garage door openers… they still wouldn’t work.  A couple of our old neighbors even came over to offer assistance (or was it sympathy?)  I ended up going over to Sears to get a new remote control unit.  Ouch, another $44 🙁  I took the new remote back to the house and – finally, success!  Now all we have to do is show up at the closing on Monday morning to hand off the keys.

We took a break around lunchtime while working on the garage door remotes and went over to nearby Wimberger’s Old World Bakery & Delicatessen.  Stilla heard about an ‘authentic’ German Imbiss trailer that was going to be stationed outside on the street today.  Stilla, along with many of the German folks here in Colorado Springs flock to this bakery on a regular basis to stock up on German foods and condiments.


Apparently, word got out – and there was an unbelievably long line of people waiting on a currywurst, döner kebab, or pommes.  Click HERE for a link to The Little Imbiss Facebook page.




Little pond adjacent to Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

After an hour-long wait, we finally sat down with our food and friends; John & Angelika Rowe.  Angelika is also from Germany.  We passed the time waiting in line catching up with these friends.  We’ve spent time at car shows with John & Angelika and have attended holiday get-togethers at each others’ house over the last several years.


John, Angelika, and Stilla in front of Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

Once again, it was good catching up with old friends.  See you later John & Angelika!

Angelika, Stilla, myself and little Coach in front of Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

After our loonng lunch break, I picked up the Harley from the house and took it over to the Elks Lodge while Stilla joined our oldest daughter and grandson at the indoor pool on Peterson Air Force Base.  Afterwards, Stilla stocked up on groceries at the Commissary on base and joined me again back at the Urban Escape Vehicle where I was searching the basement for a tarp to cover the Harley with.  If anything is certain lately, it’s that rain is in the forecast, and since I can’t use the garage at the house anymore…

And that’s all for now folks… stay tuned…