Super Bowl Sunday, Cocopah Casino (Yuma, AZ)

On Super Bowl Sunday, we just hung around the Coach until game time at the Cocopah Casino.  I used the morning to get a little waxing done on the Urban Escape Vehicle.  Stilla took a picture for your amusement:


I called the Military Fam-Camp at Yuma Proving Grounds to tell them we wouldn’t make it in today as previously planned.  Naturally, no one was in the RV park office, so I had to leave a message.  It’s a little over 30 miles to the North on I-95 from here and we’re going North anyway eventually, so why not stay down here in the Yuma area for a while longer we thought… there’s so much to see and do right here.  I’ll call again to be sure we can get in later this week.

We think we’ll follow through on our idea to go over to the other casino in the area that we checked out on Saturday.  It’s called the Quechan Casino Resort.  And it’s closer to the Imperial Sand Dunes that I hope to check out with the ATV.  A link to the Wikipedia site for the sand dunes is here, or click here for images.

But first, we have to fill the water tank and dump.  I didn’t want to travel with a full water tank (100 gallons) when we left the Fortuna De Oro Resort, so I only put in a half-tank.  We’re already on a quarter-tank now.  So if we’re going to do some more boondocking, then I better fill it up.  Our Alpine friends gave us the scoop on a service station near us here, that allows RV’ers to take on water and dump.  We’ll plan on doing that enroute.

At super bowl time we took advantage of the Cocopah Casino Super Bowl Party that they held in one of their conference rooms with big screen projection TVs.  Our Alpine friends decided to hang around their Coach(s) to watch the game because of the crowd.  We were pleasantly surprised.. it wasn’t entirely too crowded, they had free food, (hot dogs, wings, chips/salsa, little burgers, veggies/dip, etc.,), and they had door prizes.  Unfortunately, we did’t win anything… we just enjoyed the game and company around us.  They also had $2 beers and $3.50 margaritas.



Stilla took a break during the game to give little Coach (our dog) a pottie-break.  She took this nice picture of the evening sunset and the casino’s lighted palm trees.


That’s all for now.  Until next time…