Shopping & New Friends (Elks Lodge (Dixie) 1743 – Saint George, UT)

After a night of rainstorms, we finally got through a whole day (Monday) with no rain.  Funny, how after all the nice weather we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy since we left Colorado; that after only a couple/few days of scattered rainstorms we’re already complaining for a change…  It’s like we’ve been spoiled or something 🙂

I washed the Coach down a bit in the morning after all the rain and then we ran around the scenic town of Saint George and did a little shopping; Camping World, Home Depot, Michael’s, WalMart.

In the evening, we went into the lodge for chili-dogs & wings night and met up with a couple of the other RV’ers that had pulled into the park today.  Once again, we got to enjoy meeting and talking to some new-found friends.

Here’s a few pics I snapped this early morning on Tuesday while taking little “Coach” for his walk:

Side-view of Elks Lodge 1743 (Elks Care – Elks Share)

Views of the golf course that is adjacent to the Elks Lodge.



The RV parking area:


The camp host (John) has his Alpine Coach next to the garage on the left (below).  Washers and Dryers are located in the garage which Stilla already tested out for our larger loads, i.e., bedding, sheets.


Here’s Don and Fannie France’s Heavy-Duty Truck (HDT) and 5th Wheel combo (below).  We met Don & Fannie inside the lodge at chili-dog/wings night.  They just returned from 4 months in Alaska and are heading back to their home base in Mesa, AZ.  It was nice to meet them.  Safe travels Don & Fannie!


And here’s a Beaver Coach (below left) that belongs to a nice gentleman from California (sorry, didn’t catch his name) that we also spent time with inside the lodge.  Once again I have to say – we get to meet the nicest folks in our travels 🙂


Tonight is Tuesday Steak Night at the lodge.  We’ll stay here until the 22nd and then head on down to Las Vegas NV to meet up with family.  Stay tuned…