Prepping for Quartzsite (Casa Grande, AZ)

We’re just getting ready to head on over to the Alpine Coach “Desert Rat Rally XV” at Quartzsite.  A place we’ve been to in January over the last several years.  Check out some of these links to learn more: (HERE) and (HERE).

On Thursday we went into town (Casa Grande) to do our shopping so we have something in the refrigerator before we head to Quartzsite on Saturday.  The cupboards are bare, we basically emptied them before we went to Germany for the last 5 weeks.

But before we hit WalMart and spent our monthly budget on groceries… we stopped by the Casa Grande Elks Lodge to see our friends Jerry & Marilyn.  I mentioned in my last post that they had just arrived in town and messaged us.

Elks Lodge #1957, Casa Grande, AZ.
Me, Stilla, Marilyn, and Jerry.

We had a nice meal together at a Mexican restaurant that is right next to the Elks Lodge.


It was great catching up with Jerry & Marilyn, we haven’t seen them since we left Colorado Springs (link HERE).  We made plans to meet up again for Friday spaghetti dinner at the Elks Lodge.  Yoo Hoo! We’re looking forward to that 🙂  We may also get to link up again in Quartzsite…

I’ll probably post again once we get to Quartzsite.  Lots to do now… gotta load up the ATV and get ready to roll again after the Urban Escape Vehicle has been sitting still for such a long time.

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