Lakes, Rattles, and Squeaks (Storrie Lake State Park, Las Vegas NM)

Our second day (Thursday) at the Las Vegas NM Elks Lodge started with a morning walk around the block.  We passed by a local farmer/street vendor and bought some plums and a few fresh vegetables.  Then we jumped into the Silverado and drove two blocks north to stock up on groceries at the local Super Walmart.

After our shopping trip, we unloaded our groceries, and drove around town to check out the sights.  (Link HERE for more info on Las Vegas, NM from my friend Wikipedia®.  Sorry, but I forgot to take pics.  This is a really nice, scenic town with over 900 buildings on the Historic Register.  We drove over historic bridge street and around old town plaza.

I also found some interesting movie trivia while researching Las Vegas on the Wikipedia website:

In the 1969 movie Easy Rider, Las Vegas, NM, is the town where the two bikers ride behind a parade, are arrested for “parading without a permit,” and meet Jack Nicholson’s character in jail.  The name of the town can be viewed in the background on one scene during this part of the movie.

In the 2007 film Wild Hogs starring John Travolta included scenes filmed around Las Vegas.

And, most of the 2007 Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men was filmed here.

We’ve driven by Las Vegas, NM many times in the past while traveling along I-25 but never stopped until now except maybe for fuel.  This town is definitely worth stopping at if you ever get the chance.

We closed out the evening inside the Elks Lodge with some more southwestern style dinner while we watched the locals in a pool tournament as a football game played out on one of the many TVs around the bar area.  We also contributed a little more to their gaming room 🙂

While driving around town in the SIlverado to get a feel for the area; we initially drove north out of town a couple miles to Storrie Lake State Park.  We did a drive-thru the campsites, liked what we saw, and decided to bring the Coach here  Friday.


Image 1


Image 2

So here’s the Urban Escape Vehicle parked at Storrie Lake State Park on Friday:


Only $14 per night for 30 Amp electric and water.  The dump station is already closed for the season however 🙁

Here’s a few pics of our walk around the campground side (southeast) of the lake on Friday:


Some campers pulled up right next to the lake late Friday evening.




Then I spent a lot of time on Friday trying to find out where a new rattle was coming from that we’ve noticed while driving the Coach recently.  The noise was coming from the passenger-side dash area, so I pulled the dash panels off to investigate.


I found that the underlayment between the plastic dash and the metal firewall was loose.  This board and foam ‘underlayment’ (below) had a gap between the bottom of the plastic dash and the top of the metal firewall.


As far as I could determine, the board and foam ‘underlayment’ was probably initially glued to the bottom of the plastic dash, but that was 10 years ago when the Coach was new.  Also, a wooden brace (probably used to fill the empty space) had a gap at the bottom.  I could lift up on the board from underneath and it would move an inch or so at the front, (front of dash as viewed from the seats).


My solution was to stuff some foam between the 2X2 bracing board and the top of the metal firewall.   I also stuffed a foam “noodle” along the right side edge to firm up the sagging board.


I also found out that a brace (below) at the lower edge of the dash front panel along the floor had come loose.  It was originally glued to the tiles.


I cleaned and re-glued the brace using Weldwood® Contact Cement.


I then used the opportunity to vacuum and clean all the dust under the dash and the pull-out tray.  I also used a small socket and tiny wrenches to give all the nuts and screws that I could find a tighten.


All finished!  I just have to wait for the glue I put on the brace to harden so I can put my front panels back on.


While I was under the dash, I tried to identify what this pink connector (below) goes to.  I’ve noticed it before, but couldn’t determine what it goes to… this time was no exception, I still couldn’t find out where the wire goes because it disappears behind the gauges and drivers dash panel.  It appears to have been added as an afterthought, by the previous owner probably, because of the way it’s routed and it has a bunch of excess cable that is bunched up, zip-tied, and stuffed under the dash next to that 2X2 brace I mentioned earlier.  Reward for anyone who can tell me what it is… I don’t think it has anything to do with the radio or XM satellite, all that works and I can see all the connections on the back of the radio.  It’s also not the rearview camera, or trailer surge brake.  Hmmm…


Now I just have to find out about a squeaking noise we’ve also developed near or around the front TV.  I’ll have to pull off some more panels behind the TV.  Maybe I’ll do that later today.

We paid for another night here at Storrie Lake SP ($14).  We’ll probably head over to the Elks Lodge in Santa Fe on Sunday.  We know they only have dry-camping (no electric or water), but that’s OK for one night or so.  Maybe we’ll find something else in the area once we get there.

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  1. That connector sure looks like a XM receiver connection to me. We had the original stand alone XM receiver that tuned through the radio. Seem to remember plugs like that.

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