House for Sale (Colorado Springs, CO)

Yay!  We finally got the house on the market.  Link here to Zillow. Or here for the MLS.

1111 Hill Mesa Pic


It’s been a grueling couple months… Now we can just hope it sells quickly.

Regardless, it’s time to move the Urban Escape Vehicle to warmer climes.  We plan on being in Quartzsite by the 14th or 15th for the Alpine Coach “Desert Rat Rally”.

I still have to make one more trip with the trailer to Casa Grande AZ.  I already loaded it with the final garage stuff (tool boxes, wall lockers, etc.,) and will probably head down in a day or two.  I’ll leave the trailer there this time and come back to get the coach and the Harley… then we’ll be free again!!  Can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “House for Sale (Colorado Springs, CO)”

    1. I’ll give you a call if the timing is right. R U going to make it to Quartzsite? If so, save me a spot in case we’re late… it looks like snow over Raton Pass on Tuesday when I planned to be heading down in the Coach.

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