Homeless (Colorado Springs, CO)

It’s official!… we’re now homeless, or should I say houseless.  Closing went quite well with no surprises.  Congratulations to the new owner.  I’m sure he’ll love the house as much as we did.

Here’s a couple final (farewell) pics of the house, although not the most recent:



2006 09 21
View from front of house.
View from rear of house. Downtown Colorado Springs after rainstorm.

We went ahead and paid for the month of June here at the Elks Lodge to take advantage of the cheaper monthly rate.  We don’t know for sure if we’ll stay the entire month but at least we can relax, pay off some bills, and enjoy visiting with family and friends here.

We did sign up for a rally in Gillette WY for early July, so we’ll definitely be out of here by then.  Until then… who knows… stay tuned…

Urban Escape Vehicle at White Sands National Monument, April 2015.


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  1. We also closed on our house 2 weeks ago and officially moved out 2 days ago. We are in a h olding pattern in Garden of the Gods RV Park while we finish up our parttime jobs and can begin our journey once again. This week we head to Heaton Bay on Lake Dillon. We look forward to seeing your adventures.

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