Day 15 in Deutschland – Indians & Star Wars (Hilpoltstein, GE)

Friday was day 15 for us here in Germany.  In the afternoon, Stilla dropped me off at her brother Ludwig’s motorcycle dealership in Hilpoltstein while she drove Opa around to appointments and did some more visiting with friends/family.

I always liked hanging around the motorcycle shop and did so often when I was stationed here in the Army and not deployed somewhere.  Ludwig’s shop became an official Indian® dealership in January of this year.  He was an official Harley® dealership in previous years, but was always relegated as a sub-dealer to a larger dealership in nearby Nuernberg.  I used to be the treasurer for the shop’s Harley Owners Group® (HOG) chapter when it got started back in the early 2000’s.  We had a lot of fun with the HOG Chapter over the years, which unfortunately is no longer so prevalent.  Here’s a link to his dealership: (

New signs in front of Ludwig’s shop.
2002 CCD APR 11 b
Old signs. (Picture from 2002 when the signs first went up at the newly-constructed dealership.)

Here’s some more old pics (below) from my archives:

Magazine article from the new shop’s Grand Opening in 2002.
Rothsee Open House 2002 Sept 28 DSCF0108
Grand Opening in 2002 (Stilla, her sister Anneliese in foreground)

I remember acting as “road-captain” for folks going on test rides of the new Harley’s back in 2002 (below).  Those were good times.

2005 04 16 IMG_0086 (53)
2002 (David leading bikes on test-rides)

And here’s another ‘old’ pic of my Heritage Softail in front of the dealership (circa 2003-4).  I forgot to take a new picture of the outside while I was there today.  Naturally, the Harley-Davidson® signs have been replaced with Indian® now.  🙂

Heritage 2002 March 10 a
My ’96 Heritage Softail circa. 2003 or 2004 in front of Rothsee-Harley Davidson.

One of Ludwig’s new transport vans with appropriate Logo:


Ludwig and co-worker Thorsten in the shop:


And here’s some pics of all the new Indian’s in and around the showroom floor of the dealership:







Pretty nice… I might have to change over sometime in the future.  Hmmmm. 🙂

Here’s a nice Sportster in the workshop (below).  Ludwig has always been known for his unique custom bike builds and continues to do so.


After a fun afternoon of hanging around the dealership with Ludwig and co-workers Thorsten and Gregor; I got dropped off back at the house where we put some finishing touches on William’s IKEA® kitchen cabinets.  Here’s William putting up the under cabinet LED lighting:


Then we all (Stilla, I, William & Jasmin) went to Neumarkt to catch the English version of the latest Star Wars sequel at a late night showing:


William has already seen it twice in German over the last two days, but was up for another showing because it’s just better in English.

Anyway… that’s all for now.  I’ll get you caught up on our Saturday visit to the Nuernberg Christkindlsmarkt, and another Christmas market we went to on Sunday in Gut Wolfgangshof as soon as I find time.


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  1. Dave and family Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year when r you coming back to the states its nice to see picturs from Germany still one of the best places i ever been

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