Cocopah Casino (Yuma, AZ)

After our trip out to the Yuma Proving Grounds and Castle Dome City Ghost Town on Wednesday, we got back to the Fortuna De Oro RV Resort just in time for steak dinner.

The Resort has a restaurant that was having T-bone night and we had made plans earlier to meet our friends from the Alpine Coach group that got here a day or two ahead of us.  We met our friends on the extensive deck area of the resort’s restaurant/bar.  Included in our arrival packet was a $5 dollar “cactus cash” coupon and a couple free drink coupons, so dinner was very reasonably priced (after using the coupons).  We lit the propane heaters on the deck and enjoyed our friend’s company for a while and then retired to the Coach.

Thursday was a stay-at-home day while we caught up on laundry.  The Splendide washer/dryer combo in the Coach takes longer than traditional washers and dryers.  We also took advantage of one of the local RV mobile wash businesses.  The prices were relatively good compared to what I’ve experienced at other parks.  Probably due to the large amount of competition.  I saw several different company logos on trucks and vans cruising around the park and washing and/or waxing rigs.

The Coach hasn’t been washed for at least a couple months, probably three.  So I bit-the-bullet and shelled out $40 for a power wash.  It was $45 after tip.  Now I can get bad to waxing the Urban Escape Vehicle… one section at a time.  It will take me several (or more) wax sessions before I can get it all to my satisfaction.

We also checked on the rates to stay another day or so at this nice resort, but they don’t offer the Passport America 50% discount until after March.  So, at $40 dollars a day, we decided to move on.  Our Alpine Coach friends that we’ve been following since Quartzsite told us about the Cocopah Casino located just South of Yuma.  They left to go there on Thursday.  Therefore, on Friday we followed them again, albeit a day later…

On Friday, after pulling in the slides, raising the jacks, and hooking up the Silverado, we made the short drive to the Cocopah Casino and RV Park.  When we arrived, we saw our Alpine friends again but the RV park was full.  We decided to join a few other rigs in the adjacent parking lot.  Actually, all the parking here is “dry”, meaning no electrical or water hook-ups, so it wasn’t any different in the parking lot as opposed to the designated RV lot.  And we actually came out better for it because we parked right next to the open grass area between the two parking lots.  Little Coach likes that 🙂





This Casino offers three nights for $10 at the RV parking lot, but it clearly isn’t following up on this very closely.  Many rigs in the parking lot didn’t have the tags in the windshields and after talking to some folks, they’ve been there for a week or more.  We checked inside and were told not to worry… just park in the lot and come inside to spend money.  And Stilla did just that…

Tomorrow, (Saturday), we plan on going across the border to visit Los Algodones.  Stay tuned…