6000 miles later – Back at the House (Colorado Springs, CO)

On Monday we left the Elks Lodge in Saint George, UT early in the morning.  I really would have liked to stay here, what a nice lodge and RV park area!  The lodge had brats and nachos for donations in the bar area, so that was our dinner.

We needed to get back home to prepare for our son William’s visit from Germany.  He’ll be here the 5th of October and he’s bringing his girlfriend that we haven’t met yet.  So we made a bee line straight for our house in Colorado Springs.  Sorry, no pictures today… I know you’re disappointed, but with the fast pace and often rainy windshield, the pics wouldn’t have turned out very good anyway.

We continued North on 1-15 until we hit I-70.  We made it all the way to Grand Junction, CO by Monday evening.  A grand total of 392 miles!  If you’ve never seen the San Rafael Swell along I-70, it’s definitely worth stopping at the rest areas to view.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Rafael_Swell

We researched the Elks.org website and found a lodge in downtown Grand Junction that claimed to have 4 electrical hook-up sites.  I didn’t call ahead figuring that since it was Monday, they were sure to have a spot.  Sure enough, they had 4 electrical hook-ups all on the same pole in the middle of their empty parking lot.  The lodge was closed so I called the number listed on the website, which was the same as the number posted on the door, and got no answer.  There was a box on the pole with empty envelopes in it, so I put $10 along with our business card in it and slipped it under the lodge door.  We hooked up to the 30 amp, watched a little TV and went to bed so we could get another early start in the morning.

On Tuesday, we continued on I-70 and drove through the rain at times.  It sure was beautiful near Vail with all the aspen leaves changing colors and snow on the mountains around us.  I was a little worried about the rain turning into snow on the Eisenhower Tunnel Pass so I researched a “short-cut” over Hoosier Pass and the weather outlook said it was dry.  So, we turned South at Dillon Reservoir and took 9 through Breckenridge and then over Hoosier Pass.  Sure enough, it was dry and easy going.  The weather even cleared up nicely the closer we got to I-24 and then home.


So, after another 290 miles for the day, here we are in Colorado Springs again.  We’ve put a grand total of 6,100 miles on the Urban Escape Vehicle since we started full-timing in May.  It’s good to be back for a short time and see daughter’s Jennifer and Joleen again.

I’ll post again soon to keep you apprised of our status… hopefully we can get back on the road again soon.  Maybe, I can use this “downtime” while son William is visiting, to update the blog with the places we visited before I started the blog… I’ve got some great pics of our time at such places as: Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, the RV Rallies in Portland and Redmond OR, Mt Rainier, and Mt Saint Helens, etc.,

So stay tuned…