Winter Blast Farewell & Hello Havasu Springs Resort (Lake Havasu, AZ)

On Monday morning, the Alpine group met for breakfast and fond farewells.

Here’s a series of photos I took during our last breakfast together before everyone went their separate ways:






The parking area here at the SARA Park quickly cleared out.


Bye everyone… til next time!


What a great time we had here with some of our old friends and even more new ones!  The Pyrotechnics show every night was just icing on the cake.  The real fun was spending time with fellow Alpiners.  Hopefully, we’ll see many of them again in March at the Alpine Pre-Rally in Valencia, CA and then right afterwards again at the FMCA Rally in Pomona.

There were still a couple Alpines left in the parking area as we departed.  I thought for sure, we’d be the last to leave… we weren’t in any hurry and weren’t even sure what our next destination would be.


On our way up here to the “Winter Blast” Rally last week, we passed a sign that read; “RV Park – $10 Full Hook-Ups”.  So remembering that – we headed back south from Lake Havasu City… saw the sign again and turned on in to the Havasu Springs Resort.  (This is where I’d normally put a link to the resorts webpage, but the connectivity is so slow here… I gave up)

Now, we figured there’d be a “catch” to the $10 per night but also figured – what the heck, we’d check it out.  And sure enough, here’s the “catch”.  We’d have to sit through a 90 minute presentation on this place.  I’m sure they are trying to drum up new resort members or buyers of their vacation homes.  The presentation is a small price to pay for three nights at $30 🙂  So, I’ll report back after the presentation and let you know the details if anyone is interested.  It is a very nice resort so far, except we haven’t been getting good internet or cellphone signal here.


We were given a quick tour on a golf cart as soon as we arrived to check out sites.  We settled on a relatively open spot in the gravel that overlooks the water.  The other sites we were shown had trees that might have interfered with our satellite TV dish, plus, we would have been packed in rather closely to other rigs.


We wandered around part of the resort after we got parked and set up.  Here’s the building that we have to go to on Wednesday for our presentation.  I think they’d charge us $50 per night if we didn’t do the presentation.


We walked down along the water and mini-beach.  All the areas of the park are dog-friendly… just not any of the buildings.



They have a pretty nice fishing pier that is open 24/7.



Picnic areas and nice green grass in front of the motel rooms and near the pool.


Pool and hot tub area.


View of the pool area above our parking site.


Here are some of the vacation homes.




One of the dock areas.  I believe there are more on the other side of the resort.


Nice cactus view along one of the lake-side paths.


We’ll check out more of the resort on Tuesday and maybe hit the pool.  Anyway, this is a good time to catch up on laundry since we have full hook-ups with 50amp power.  The washer/dryer has been going non-stop since we parked.  It’s a pleasant change to not have to monitor battery usage or run the generator.  We can splurge and leave the coffee pot on, or watch TV late into the night, etc., 🙂


Will post again on the blog within the next day or so… contingent on internet connectivity.  Until then… don’t work too hard:)