Willi Moves Out & Haunted House Visit (Main Street Station RV Park – Las Vegas, NV)

Stilla went shopping this morning (Sunday) with William and Jasmin while I finished up yesterday’s blog post.  When they got back to the RV Park, Will & Jasmin packed up their stuff to move over to the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.  They will share a room with Joleen & Dylan for the next several days.  For those of you just joining the blog – Joleen is our youngest daughter and Dylan is her long-time boyfriend since high school.  They flew in from Colorado Springs while William and his girlfriend Jasmin drove their rental car to get here.  William & Jasmin are on a three-week vacation from Germany.

Here’s their view of the strip from the 34th floor of Treasure Island (TI):




After moving Will & Jasmin into their room at TI, we all drove over to Dylan’s grandparents house on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  ‘Mike & Karen Early’ invited us all to their house for a quick visit and then dinner at a small local pizzeria.


Dylan’s parents were already at Mike & Karen’s house when we arrived after going through the stringent security at the gate.  Mike gave us the nickel-tour of their beautiful home that backs-up to the 18th hole on the golf course.


Mike treated us all to a great dinner.  Thanks Mike & Karen! 🙂




After a great meal of pasta, pizza, salad, and more, we said our goodbyes to Mike & Karen and the rest of us drove over to a haunted house.


The Trilogy of Terror is rated as the best haunted house in Las Vegas and according the Freakling Bros. website; the “4th Best Haunted Attraction in the World.”




We chose to take the ‘scariest’ of the three haunted house tours.  And it was definitely well done – if you’re looking for a scare, go on this one 😐  The cost was $15 pp and the photos afterwards were an additional $15.


Here’s the photos we bought after taking the tour:




Fun times !  We said goodbye to Dylan’s parents Kelly & Jeff.  They’re flying back to Colorado Springs on Monday.

We went back to TI and spent the rest of the evening with Will & Jasmin, Joleen & Dylan, and their friend Dalton.



The Treasure Island slots weren’t very friendly to us and we called it a night after a few hours.  Stilla and I drove William’s rental car back to the RV park and we turned in for the rest of the night (early-morning).

My Mom, her sister Kathy, my Stepdad, and brother Steve, along with his girlfriend Cheryl are on their way here from Casa Grande, AZ this morning as I finish up this post.  The ‘Find My Friends’ app on the iPhone reports them as being near Wickenburg, AZ right now.  Yoo Hoo!  More fun-times to come…