Touring is hard work… time to take a day off! [1 Aug] (Shoshone National Forest, Rex Hale Campground)

Since we’ve been on the road touring Yellowstone for the last three days, we decided to pay for another day here at Rex Hale Campground, and just relax for the day and maybe plan our next move.


So we got up late and just hung out in the campground.  I used some of the time to wash a few sections of the Coach and then the Harley.

I also downloaded all the Road Mate DVR clips onto the laptop.  I’ve been using it in the Silverado on our trips through Yellowstone but I don’t think the 2-minute video clips are conducive to using on the blog since most of the files are between 200 and 300 MB in size.  I wrote about purchasing this while we were at the FCRV Campvention Rally in Gillette.  As I mentioned in that post: “These devices normally mount on your dashboard or windshield to record your trip. The advertisement claims that they are designed for your security, protection, and save the best memories of your trip.”  This is all good, but I don’t think I can use any of it in the blog unless I can get the sizing down.  More on this in the future maybe…

We also took a long walk and checked out the North Fork Shoshone river that runs next to the campground…






Our grandson Kaan played a lot of MineCraft on his X-Box during the day.

Here he took a break from his video games and played with little Coach…

Little Coach has Kaan down for the count.

And later we burned, I mean toasted, a few marshmallows to make some S’mores.

Kaan toasting some marshmallows (again).

Life is good…


This is how little Coach enjoys a campfire.




And that was our day.  Hope yours was good too 🙂

Authors Note:  Almost caught up now… check back for an update on our moving day (2 Aug) to Thermopolis, WY where we are now…