Rock Gardens (Imperial Sand Dunes, CA)

After leaving Hemet, CA, we drove back north to I-10.  Then we headed east until Indio, where we picked up 111 south to the Salton Sea.  This time we opted to go around Salton Sea on the east-side.  We traveled the west-side on our way to Pomona a couple weeks ago.  The east-side of Salton Sea was certainly more picturesque and we passed several campgrounds and recreation areas.  Sorry no pics this time 🙁  But here’s a link to the Salton Sea Recreation area website, HERE.

After Salton Sea, which by the way, is touted as one of the world’s largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth at -227 below sea level, we turned east on 78 to go through the Imperial Sand Dunes.

We traveled this way back in February, I wrote about the Imperial Sand Dunes HERE.   We turned south after crossing the dunes and skirted the east-side of the dunes recreational area until we landed at our boondocking spot that Mike and Donna Kuper told us about.

Crossing the Imperial Sand Dunes.
Crossing the Imperial Sand Dunes, CA.

And here we are after ~200 miles for the day.


All alone in the desert again.



This is a rather unique spot with a “rock garden” that someone spent significant time building.  It’s exact location to remain undisclosed… we wouldn’t want it to become too popular, right?



We enjoyed the evening desert air outside while I grilled up some bratwursts.  Stilla made sauerkraut to complement our meal.



“Why can’t I have some bratwurst?”  Little Coach seems to ask.


Little Coach enjoyed some run-around time, he really liked the wide-open space.


And how do you like the sunset views?



This was a nice overnight boondocking spot… thanks for sharing Mike and Donna.  If anyone else wants to know where it is, just contact me directly.

On Thursday, we will be back in Casa Grande to spend Easter weekend with my Mom, Stepdad, Brother Steve and Cheryl.  And we’re supposed to have some additional relatives show up… We’ll see!

And then, we’ll see what’s next…