Rain, Rain, Go Away (Colorado Springs, CO)

I know my readers will be disappointed; but sorry, no pictures today 😐

We’re still parked at the Colorado Springs Elks Lodge.  We paid for a month-long stay here so we can; 1) Work on curb appeal at the house to help it sell, 2) visit with family, and 3) maybe save a little money until the house sells.

We spent the first couple days after arriving last Wednesday evening catching up with friends and family, which is always nice.  This weekend was spent over at the house pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.  Many thanks to my Dad and Stepmom Elaine, who sacrificed their Saturday helping out… ♥

We had a couple of showings at the house while we were working on the yard; one couple had nothing but good things to say, but are looking for more rooms on a single level and since two of our bedrooms are on the walkout basement level, I don’t expect an offer.  However, at the risk of jinxing myself; another guy came by without his realtor, so I gave him a personal tour.  I heard from my realtor  last night, who told me he was contacted by that guy’s realtor, and apparently an offer is forthcoming!  Sure hope it’s a reasonable offer… I’ll keep you posted.

The last couple days have been pretty wet.  Good thing I got the mowing done before this latest storm cell dropped in.  It rained all night and more is expected throughout today.  The burn scars in our area (Waldo Canyon and Black Forest) are especially prone to flooding and are under a flood watch right now.

When the weather clears, I hope to get some ‘Weed-b-Gone’ on the lawn, and some ‘Grass & Weed’ killer on the rock areas.  Otherwise, I don’t know what else I can do to help the house look any more desirable without  spending big bucks on things like; granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, or “real” hardwood flooring, etc.,

So, I’m sorry – but there’s only boring stuff going on right now with the Urban Escape Vehicle blog… hopefully the house will sell and things will pick up soon… stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Hi Dave and Stilla, Lorraine and I will be in Colorado Springs in about 5 weeks so if you guys are still in town maybe we can get together.

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