Prelude to the Alpine Rally (Elks Lodge 2498 – Page, AZ)

I started off our Sunday here at the Elks Lodge in Page, AZ with an early morning walk with our little dog “Coach” around the neighborhood.

Then I gave Stilla a ride over to the nearby Catholic church where she attended morning services while I spent the rest of the morning washing the Urban Escape Vehicle and the Silverado.  Which means it will probably rain later, right?

At lunchtime, Mary Ann made some awesome chili, complete with garlic bread to share with us.  Yumm!  Thanks Mary Ann 🙂

Alpine owners and neighbors here at the Page Elks Lodge (Orville McGee & Mary Ann Ratliff)

After our awesome lunch, we took off in the Silverado to check out the town and stock up on groceries at the local WalMart.  But first, we wanted to drive over to the Lake Powell Resort & Marina (about 10 miles) to check out the campground we’ll be moving to tomorrow for the Alpine Coach Rally.  I knew from correspondence, that the hosts for the Rally, David & Nicole Guhse, were supposed to be arriving today.

Before driving into the campground, we pulled off at a scenic viewpoint and looked down on Lake Powell from above.


From the scenic viewpoint we could see our future campground in the distance at the edge of the lake (below).


We drove through the North Entrance to get to the campground.  We passed by another entrance road earlier, (I assume it’s called the south entrance) just after going over the bridge by the dam.  Both entrances have manned check-points to pay your fees.  I was able to show my Disabled Veterans Access Pass for free entry.


We drove around the campground and checked out several of the loops.  This place is huge, with 139 Full Hook Up sites and another 112 tent or self-contained RV spots.  Click HERE and HERE for links.

Wahweap Campground

Since we didn’t see our Alpine Coach Rally “hosts” anywhere in the campground, I gave Dave Guhse a call to see where they were at… it turned out David & Nicole were just a few miles away on their way in to the campground.  So we waited at the registration office / general store and greeted them as they pulled in.

David & Nicole Guhse pulling in to the registration area at Lake Powell Resorts & Marina – Wahweap CG.

It started raining just as they pulled into the parking lot… I think David & Nicole brought the rain with them 🙂


After hugs and handshakes, and a quick stop inside the registration office, we went over to Loop C to help David & Nicole claim a spot.

David & Nicole Guhse’s Alpine Coach.

David & Nicole unhooked their nice, new Ford pickup and parked their Alpine in site 26.  Since Stilla and I are co-hosting this rally with David & Nicole; we discussed the layout for the upcoming Rally and decided to use site 25 for our get-togethers.  Stilla and I will take site 24 when we come back with our Coach tomorrow.  This way, we’ll have the empty spot between our two rigs so it will be more convenient to move breakfast items over in the mornings, cater meals, set up the EZ-up tents, tables, chairs, etc.,

With that done… we followed David & Nicole back into Page to the WalMart so we could stock up.  We exited Lake Powell Resorts & Marina on the entrance road that I passed up earlier and came out near the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge.

David & Nicole Guhse in front of us in their Ford pickup going across the Glen Canyon Dam bridge.

We parted ways with David & Nicole at WalMart.  Stilla and I returned to the Elks Lodge with our groceries.  We brought back some Granny Apples for Mary Ann Ratliff (per her earlier request) and she made an apple pie.  She delivered half the pie to our Coach just in time for dessert.  It was awesome 🙂  I can’t remember a better apple pie… Thanks Mary Ann!


Today (Monday) we pack up to make the short trip over to the Wahweap Campground to get ready for the Alpine Coach Rally which officially starts on the 7th, but I’m sure we’ll have some other early arrivals.  Stay tuned for Alpine fun…

PS  It’s rained off and on last night… nothing too hard, just infrequent showers and now it’s raining lightly again this morning as I go to publication with this posting.  We’re supposed to have nice weather again beginning Wednesday according to my iPhone weather app… just in time for the Rally 🙂