Post 1 of 2 – William & Jasmin Visit from Germany (Bowling Green, KY)

Once again, it’s been quite awhile since my last post 🙁  We’re still parked at my youngest daughters house in Bowling Green, KY and as I mentioned in my last post, we had our son William and his girlfriend Jasmin visit from Germany.  They were here for 3 weeks and we stayed very busy – so that’s my primary excuse for not updating the blog.  Let me try to bring you up to date on some of the stuff we’ve been up to since they got here…

Stilla greets Will & Jasmin at the Cincinnati airport.

On the 22nd of August, Stilla and I drove the Silverado from Bowling Green, KY up to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to pick up Will & Jasmin.  We drove ~220 miles one way to pick them up.  It was a long drive but William found a good deal on their tickets and it would have cost them a lot more to fly into someplace closer to us like Louisville or Nashville.

Will and Jasmin with a happy Stilla, arriving at the airport.

One of the first places we visited while they were here in Bowling Green, KY was the Lost River Cave.


We took the Lost River Cave boat tour.  This tour is touted as the “only underground boat tour in the state of Kentucky”.

View from our seats in the flat-bottom tour boat.


We all had to duck our heads down for a short stretch to keep from hitting the cave ceiling.  Good thing there weren’t any stalactites hanging down, eh?


The boat tour was pretty cool along with the associated walking tour of the scenic valley in front of the cave entrance.  I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Bowling Green.  We also visited the National Corvette Museum on another day, but I didn’t take any pictures this time since I already blogged about it in an earlier post when  I visited there with an old Army buddy.

In other non-travel related news: My daughter Joleen and her fiancé Dylan had already scheduled to get the windows replaced on their new home, so we all hung around the house for a couple days to supervise the installers:

Old bedroom window being replaced.
View of backyard pool through the empty window frame.
Bay window being replaced; View of the Coach in front yard.

Will & Jasmin did a lot of running around town to get some shopping done while they were here.  We also checked out a large number of restaurants in the area many evenings.

On one of the weekdays while Joleen & Dylan had to work – I took Will & Jasmin to nearby Mammoth Cave National Park.  Stilla stayed home to watch the house and the dogs since caves aren’t her thing.


Will & Jasmin wait for the bus to arrive to take us to one of the cave entrances for our tour.
Walking to the cave entrance for the start of our tour.


The cave entrance had double doors to keep the climate controlled.
View downwards over a deep pit.

Our guided-tour took over an hour and it felt like we walked for miles.  We took the “Domes & Dripstones” tour for $15pp.



View of the non-skid cave floor… not too easy to walk on at times.




Our fascinating tour ended at a revolving door where we caught the bus back to the Visitors Center.


It was good to see sunlight again after our tour 🙂


Mammoth Cave is a “must-see” when visiting Kentucky… maybe I can get Stilla to take one of the shorter tours sometime.

Check back later for Part 2 of 2 on Will & Jasmin’s visit.  We also visited the Jim Beam Distillery and I have a lot more pictures but the laptop has been giving me trouble lately with loading and saving pictures into my iPhoto program.  We’re planning on heading back west soon so we can be at the next Alpine Coach Rally in Pahrump, NV by the 29th.  I’ll post again soon…