Our Final Days at the Elks Lodge (Colorado Springs, CO)

We’ve stayed pretty busy this past week… I’ve gotten behind again with the blog postings, (my last entry was on Friday morning).  To continue where I left off;  On Friday morning, we said goodbye to our Alpine Coach friends, the Foster’s, who were heading up to Littleton to visit relatives.  See you later, John and Lorraine!  The Giddens (Jack & Linda) along with Linda’s sister (Edye) and her husband (Hugh) went out for a day of sight-seeing around Colorado Springs.

Nice to see a couple more Alpines in the Elks RV park… doing our part to increase the property values…

Meanwhile, Stilla spent time over at our daughters house while I took the motorcycle over to a nearby RV park where Ricky and Cathy Broussard are parked.  Ricky mentioned that he’s had to add small amounts of antifreeze to his recovery bottle lately and is concerned he might have a coolant leak.  We checked everything out but couldn’t find any evidence of leakage.  The only questionable problem was with the radiator, it has a small section where the cooling fins appear to be disintegrating (pictured below).  Anyone seen this before?  The area is dry and doesn’t seem to be seeping antifreeze.


While checking out Ricky’s Alpine for coolant leaks… he showed me his ingenious idea for deflecting the air from the compressor pressure relief valve.   I’ve got to build one of these… I think everyone hates the dust cloud that inevitably gets kicked up when the pressure relief valve blows.  Way to go Ricky!


When I returned to the Elks Lodge, the camp host enlisted my help to get the tires filled on his Sportster.  It’s been sitting for quite a while and the front was almost flat.  After I filled the tires, I offered to wash the bike since I already had my wash bucket out.  Then I ended up waxing and polishing… I just hated to see all the scuffs and scratches from the plastic tarp he’s been using to cover the bike.  It gave me something to do and it turned out pretty good.  If anyone’s interested, he’s trying to sell it…  I’m sure he’ll make you a good deal… it would make someone a great first ‘starter’ Harley.


The Gidden’s made it back in time for the Friday dinner at the Elks Lodge.  The Broussard’s also came over from their nearby RV park.

Dinner at Elks Lodge 309: Ricky and Cathy Broussard on the left… Jack and Linda Giddens on the right. Lindas sister Edye is also on the left across from Stilla.

It was a great dinner with great friends… my Dad and stepmom Elaine also came by with Biff and Linda.

Early Saturday morning, I was walking our little dog (Coach) and met Jack in the RV parking lot… we decided to go on an impromptu (somewhat) longer walk and see where Ricky and Cathy Broussard are parked at a nearby mobile home/RV park.  After meeting up with Ricky in front of his Alpine (pic below), the three of us continued on down to the nearby Monument Creek trail and did a hefty ~2 mile loop.


After we returned from our little morning hike… The Gidden’s took off for the day to tour Cripple Creek and Victor with Linda’s sister Edye and her husband Hugh.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool here at the Elks Lodge.


My oldest daughter, Jennifer brought our grandson, Kaan for a day at the pool as well…


Daughter Jennifer with grandson Kaan, who demonstrated (again and again) how he can dive to the bottom of the deep end.

And then things began to liven-up around mid-afternoon… a band started setting up tents beside the pool.  Before we knew it, we had good music, a keg of beer, and raffle prizes.  What an unexpected but pleasant surprise.  Apparently, unknown to us, the lodge was hosting this charity event to raise funds for a local school wrestling team.  Here’s some pics…







Unfortunately (for us) the Gidden’s and Hugh/Edye were too worn out after their day in Cripple Creek and Victor to join us, but they could certainly hear the music from their respective spots in the RV lot.

One of the raffle prizes was this party bus (pictured below) for twenty people to take a trip up to Cripple Creek for an evening.  The band had loads of raffle prizes throughout the evening and even a 50/50 drawing.


Anyone want to purchase some losing tickets?  Only used once…


The lights from the band reflected off the stainless steel on this Country Coach parked next to us in the early evening… first flashing red…IMG_9224

then blue…


and then green…




and they played on late into the night as evidenced from this view out our Coach window…



Another great day at the Elks Lodge!

On Sunday morning we met up again with all our Alpine Coach friends; my Dad/Stepmom; and Biff/Linda for an awesome Sunday Brunch inside the Lodge.  Longtime friends John and Angelika Rowe also joined us for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pics  🙁

After our breakfast, we said our ‘farewells’ and ‘see-ya-laters’ with our Alpine friends Jack and Linda, and Hugh and Edye.  They are heading north.  Safe travels you guys… it was great seeing you!

Then we joined John and Angelika Rowe who rode their Ultra-Classic from Fountain for a ride downtown to the annual Tejon Street Bike Fest.

Our ’96 Heritage Softail Classic and John’s Ultra Classic at the Tejon Bike Fest.




Angelika Rowe, Stilla, and grandson Kaan.
John and Angelika at the Tejon Bikefest.






All kinds and sizes of bikes were at the Tejon Bike Fest.

After checking out all the activities and vendors at the Bike Fest, we decided to take a ride into Garden of the Gods.  However, the ride was short-lived for two reasons, 1) nasty rain clouds came in quickly over Pikes Peak, and 2) I forgot to switch the fuel petcock off of the ‘reserve’ position the last time I filled up… I ran out of gas just as we got to this parking lot (below).

Stilla, John and Angelika Rowe in Garden of the Gods.

John and Angelika had to ride over to a gas station to get us some fuel.  They ended up having to purchase a gas can because the station didn’t do ‘loaners’.

John and Angelika “to the rescue”… fuel can in hand…
Got gas?



Fill er up John.

Now I’m the proud owner of a 1 gallon fuel can.  Hmmm, where am I going to find room for that in the Coach?  Once I was fueled back up… John and Angelika headed straight back home because it was starting to rain.  We made if halfway back to downtown Colorado Springs before it started raining real hard.  It got so bad that we had to duck into a gas station to take cover under the pump island.  Luckily, the gas station/convenience store also had seating inside, so we dried off inside and enjoyed a cappuccino until the rain let up.

And then the sun came out… so we went back to the Tejon Street Bike Fest to check on a cover for the Harley that I had spied earlier.


People were out and about again after the rainstorm… the smart people had just stayed parked and waited out the rain inside one of the many bars or cafes along Tejon street.



I found the vendor that I had talked to earlier and he fitted the bike with one of their new waterproof covers.  I’ve been needing one of these for those days where a full cloth cover just isn’t practical.


The cover is easy to put on and protects the seat and saddlebags from the hot sun.  It can even be put on immediately after riding since the cover doesn’t touch the exhaust pipes.  What you can get for $100 nowadays, eh?


Later on, after we got back to the Coach, my good friend and old Army buddy, Tim Bargy stopped by on his Harley with his wife Christine for a visit.  Again, I forgot to take a picture 🙁  It’s always good to see Tim.  We were stationed together in Schwabach, Germany back in the early ’80s.  Christine is also German, so Stilla and her jabbered while Tim and I got caught up.  It started raining again shortly after they left for their home in Monument, so I gave him a call later to make sure they made it home safely.  Tim told me they had to spend a half-hour or so at a gas station to wait it out.  Sounds familiar right?

On Monday, I honestly can’t remember what we did… so it must not have been anything important right?   I probably just cleaned something or got a few things packed up in preparation for us to leave on Thursday.

But on Tuesday, Danny and Monika Malmquist stopped by for a lunchtime visit.  Monika works just around the corner from here and Danny doesn’t get a lot of free time from his trucking job, so it was good to see them.



We decided to go out for some Greek food at a little restaurant on north Nevada Ave near the Elks Lodge.  It was a good choice.


And later that evening, we got back together again for… wait for it… Taco Tuesday at the Elks Lodge…


Wednesday,  I spent all day getting everything packed up.  I got the Harley and the bicycles back onto the pickup.  We’ve been here at the Elks Lodge for two months now… a great place but it’s time to move on…


Our plan is to meet up with my Dad and stepmom Elaine this morning (Thursday) to convoy up to Gillette, WY for the FCRV Campvention Rally.  We’ll be taking our grandson along since he’s on summer break.

So check back soon to see what adventure awaits… and remember you can always ‘subscribe’ to this blog to get a notification when a new post is submitted.