Moving Day to FMCA Rally (Pomona Fairplex, CA)

On Tuesday morning it was time to say goodbye to the Valencia Travel Village and move to the Fairplex, formerly known as the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona for the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Rally.

It’s been a great Alpine Coach Association Pre-Rally thanks to our hosts/co-hosts; Tris and Carolyn Swan/Joel and Mary Langord.  A great time was had by all.  Many thanks to them for a superb and successful rally!


We got most everything ready to go on the previous evening after we returned from our totally awesome tour of the Reagan Presidential Library.  We dumped our tanks, took on fresh water, etc.,  This morning – all we had left to do was load the bicycles.


I did an early morning walk with our little dog Coach and took a few pictures of the park.  We’ve had a great experience here at the Valencia Travel Village.  Too bad we didn’t find the time to check out the pool or hot tub.  But, we definitely filled our time here with other exciting things; just see my previous posts for proof of that.

Here’s a picture of the pool directly across from our site.


The “Village Hall” where we had all our fine Alpine get-togethers.


Community fire-pit near the park office.


This is something new that I haven’t seen before.  Have you ever seen an LED bulb vending machine?


The Market (General Store) located next to the office.


View of the pool area.  Our Coach is directly on the other side.


Another view of the pool area.


And here I see the first Alpine that is leaving for Pomona… better hurry back and get ready to roll also.


We left the park by 8:30 AM and made the 65 mile trip without incident.  Although, I’ll still complain once again about the bumpy freeways, the stop and go traffic, and the inconsiderate drivers merging onto the highway.

Here’s the entrance sign to the Fairplex.


And here we met up again with most of the other Alpines that were with us in Valencia along with a few new additions.


We all lined up in the “staging area” and waited for the few remaining Alpines that hadn’t arrived yet so we could all get parked together.



Meanwhile, we all disconnected our tow-vehicles and milled around.



Finally, after all the Coaches had arrived, we were guided to our parking spots.



There appeared to be a little confusion, but the volunteer parking guides finally came through and got us all into our respective spots.  We have 30-Amp power from generators that are spaced throughout the lot.

So, here we are; ready for the 91st Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase, nick-named “California Gold” where the 2015 FMCA Rally expects more than 2,000 motorhomes to gather.


We got set up and downloaded the bicycles to go check out the area.  This place is huge.


At 2 PM, we attended a meeting for volunteers.  Most of the folks in the Alpine group are going to drive golf carts to help shuttle the disabled throughout the Fairplex.  This is the reason we are all here a couple days early before the event kicks off.  I drew two 3 hour shifts.  One on Wednesday and another on Sunday.  However, I traded my Wednesday for a Thursday because a fellow Alpiner had already signed up for a safe driving course that conflicted with the shift he drew.  I was glad to help out.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) we plan to take the truck and do some more sight-seeing around the area since there are no planned activities, plus my first golf cart shift isn’t until Friday now.  On Thursday, we plan on attending some of the seminars that are scheduled to begin.  The event officially begins on Friday when they open the gates to the public.

Stay tuned…