Moving Day (Port Angeles WA)

On Wednesday, I followed through on my promise to mow the Sawyer homestead.  It was the least I could do in return for his hospitality over the last week.  It took a few hours to finish the 5 acres and I was sure to feel it afterwards… it was a lot like work – you know – that other 4-letter word.

David mowing the Sawyer homestead



I also stayed motivated and got on top of the Motorhome with a hose and bucket and washed off all the tree sap and residue from being parked under the trees in Lake Tahoe, Eagle Lake, and Crater Lake.  While I was up there, I also did a good inspection to make sure all the caulking and seals were in good shape and that my air conditioner panels and solar panels were all still fastened down properly.  All was in order 🙂

Stilla made another super meal for dinner, we had Jaegerschnitzel.  I think both Nate and I gained a couple pounds over the last several days.

On Thursday morning, I loaded up the Harley and bikes.



My goal was to hit the road by noon so we had plenty of time for sightseeing and to find a campground for the evening.  I also had to chase down Nate’s chickens at one point, it turned out that his coop has a “trap door” on the side that wasn’t closed properly and when the chickens found out… it was just like lemmings going over a cliff.  Actually, it was no big deal rounding up the chickens.  I was able to account for all eleven of them once they stopped moving around.  They were happy to get back into their coop, they knew where the food was.

We hit the road by 12:30 and took I5 to Olympia and then got on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, Hwy 101 towards Port Angeles.



Coach took over the navigator seat while Stilla made snacks.


We even passed John Wayne Marina on the way.


The trip took us about 3 hours and was very scenic.  We passed by a few RV parks and State Campgrounds that sure looked nice, but we had already used our Passport America App to help us choose a place to stay.  It told us about the Conestoga Quarters RV Park in Port Angeles that accepted the PA rate of $13 (valid for two nights, weekends not excluded) after September 1st.  However, it turned out that the PA App was wrong… when we arrived the manager told us they don’t accept the PA rate until after October 1st.  He said he tried a number of times to get them to update the PA database.  Also, he had just given away the last spot we could have fit into!  But, he offered to put us into his “overflow” space for free and move us to a pull-thru site in the morning.  The daily rate after the free night is only $27, so all is well and the Urban Escape Vehicle got to exercise the generator for a little while.

IMG_2310 2

This morning, (Friday), we moved into the pull-thru site and took the bicycles off the Silverado.  I’m always worried we have too much rear overhang with the tailgate down and the bicycle rack mounted.  It’s probably OK when it’s being towed on the highway behind the motorhome, but for running around town, I’d rather take the bikes and rack off.

We then went into Port Angeles to do some sight-seeing at the harbor and we also drove into the Olympia National Forest.  I’ll save those pictures for my next post… it’s getting late now and we have to get up early to catch the ferry over to Victoria B.C.  which is our plan for tomorrow… so stay tuned.