Long Beach, WA

It’s been a busy last few days and we didn’t have internet connectivity for the last couple days, so I have a lot to catch you up on.  I will cover our Tuesday (9 Sept) adventure with this post, but since I have a lot of pictures to share from Wednesday and Thursday, I will do separate posts in an attempt to keep your attention.  So here we go:

On Tuesday, we rolled into Long Beach early enough to get out on the bikes and check out part of the town and the beach.

We had a tip from a fellow RV’er for a “good” RV Park, I believe it was called Anderson’s, however, when we got closer to Long Beach we consulted our iPhone apps and a couple websites, and decided Anderson’s was just too pricey.  Our Passport America app turned us on to the Sandcastle RV Park for only $15.  It wasn’t on the beach, but none of the parks really are.. theres always a long dune to cross or you end up getting the site at the end of a long row of RV’s away from the beach.

So, after a short bicycle ride from the RV Park, we were riding the nicely paved path that skirts the beach.


I took a picture of this pretty cool cartoon map we saw at a local souvenir shop to show you our location.  I think we were parked right by that U-Haul truck at the top 😉


Here’s Stilla with Coach-in-a-basket riding along the beach path.  You can see some of the boardwalk in the background too.


There was even a whale skeleton for our viewing pleasure.


Stilla on the beach.



After checking out the beach for a while, we hit some of the local stores and souvenir shops.



We chose to eat dinner at the Hungry Harbor Grille because they had picnic tables outside where we could sit with Coach. They even brought him some dog treats and water.  They had an awesome pumpkin pie milkshake,  hey, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.


After dinner, we biked back to the RV Park and chilled out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Stay tuned for the next post… Cape Disappointment State Park – it’s not disappointing at all 🙂