Havasu Springs Resort (Lake Havasu, AZ)

Our stay here at Havasu Springs Resort has come to an end 🙁  Time to move on today (Thursday).  But first, here’s what we did the last couple days;

On Tuesday we hit the pool and relaxed in the hot tub for a while.



Then we took another long walk and explored the other half of the resort that we didn’t get to earlier.

Here’s another view of some RV spots and “vacation homes”… they can really pack-em-in when they want to, eh?


Another nice cactus garden.


Here’s the office building at the park’s entrance.  This is where we first went when we rolled into the park.


We also visited the bar/restaurant.  Looked like a very nice place, but we had already eaten so we just did a quick look-see.

Manicured tree near the motel area of the resort.


Our view out the windshield.  All-in-all, a pretty uneventful day.


On Wednesday, we attended the mandatory presentation at the sales office.


It wasn’t painful at all.  The presentation was very professional and no high-pressure sales tactics.   They talked about their Colorado River Adventures resorts (9 of them I think) and their affiliated programs, such as Coast-to-Coast, etc.,  We watched a video presentation and then talked to the sales manager.  We never got as far as discussing costs or their different levels of membership.  We explained that we just weren’t in a position to commit to anything like this right now.  We still haven’t sold the house and we already have other memberships such as; Passport America, Escapees, Elks, VFW, American Legion, Good Sam, and military fam-camps.  So, we thanked them for the opportunity to stay here and said we would consider such a membership in the future.

After the presentation, we decided to take the raft out on the lake.  We drove the Silverado over to the boat ramp and unloaded the Sea-Eagle raft from the back seat.


After mounting the trolling motor, I launched the boat while Stilla parked the Silverado.


I came back in to shore to pick up Stilla and little Coach.  Then we toured the whole resort side of the lake.



We passed a pontoon-type  fishing boat, also a Sea-Eagle.


And another miniature lighthouse.



We pulled in to the inner harbor after being on the water for an hour or so and visited the gift shop that was next to the snack bar/restaurant.



Then we headed back to our put-in spot, but before calling it a day we toured some more of the coastline away from the resort and went around an island or two while just enjoying the sunshine and scenery.




Not bad for $10 a night… even with the mandatory sales presentation.  Anyway, it’s time to move on now.

I reserved us a spot at Alamo Lake State Park for the 20th thru the 27th.  So we’ll still have to find a spot for tonight (the 19th) on our way there.  We have about 110 miles to find something.

Stay tuned…