FCRV Campvention [Day 5: Closing Ceremonies] (Cam-Plex, Gillette WY)

Author’s note:  No pictures today 🙁  Early travel day to Hermosa, SD.  (just south of Rapid City).  Will post pics of Closing Ceremonies and other Day 5 events in my next post.

Friday was basically a pack-up day for me after I worked on the computer because of my iPhoto crash that I mentioned in my previous post.  I was worried because I haven’t done a backup of the hard drive since May of 2014.  But it looks like I was able to bring things back in order 🙂

So after publishing the post yesterday (Friday), I loaded up the Harley after washing off all the dust that’s blowing around here in Gillette lately.  Then I loaded the bicycles, took down the flagpole, and folded up our chairs so we can get an early start on Saturday.  We plan on traveling with my Dad/Stepmom to Hermosa, SD where we made reservations earlier last month.

Stilla spent some time with my stepmom Elaine at the Cam-Plex Wyoming Center learning (or re-learning) how to line dance.  And then at about 7 PM, we all (my Dad, Stepmom, Stilla, Kaan, and FCRV friends) went over to the main building for closing ceremonies, awards, and evening entertainment.

I did a full backup of the laptop overnight, which took hours.  I had to let it run overnight and when I woke up this morning, the computer said it finally finished at 3 AM.  I used my old Time Capsule™ Airport Extreme base station from Apple that I’ve been carrying around at the back of a cabinet in the Coach for the last couple years.  It’s a 1TB Wi-Fi Hard Drive that I used to have set up at the house and hooked up to our router.  As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t done a backup since May of 2014 and there’s really no excuse other than laziness.  I suppose I could leave it plugged in and it would automatically do backups for me over Wi-Fi, but that’s not really an option when we’re limited to our Verizon Jetpack, our AT&T iPhones, or weak campground Wi-Fi.  I just need to remember to get it out, plug it in to AC power, and then plug the ethernet cable into the laptop every so often.

Gotta finish packing up now… check back later to see what we’re up to…