FCRV Campvention [Day 2] (Cam-Plex, Gillette WY)

We had much nicer weather for day 2 (Tuesday) of the FCRV Campvention.  We started out the day by checking out the “Pet Parade” that took place behind the main Cam-Plex building.  Registration for the event was on the previous day and we didn’t get a chance to enter little “Coach”… he probably wouldn’t do well in a crowd anyway, he’s too shy and skittish around people he doesn’t know well.



Some folks went all out to dress up their pets with scarves, glasses, hats, horns, and full costume outfits.  I think they awarded prizes, but didn’t stick around to see for sure.


Back inside the Wyoming Center building, my stepmom Elaine, Dad, and Linda have been busy all morning passing out the door prizes to folks that had won during the first round of drawings.

Elaine, Dad, and Linda in their tie-dyed t-shirts.

Here’s the system they devised to notify winners (below).  They posted tickets with the winner(s) name and registration number on the closed shutters of the room at the Wyoming Center.  Folks are supposed to stop by during the designated times and take their ticket to the door where someone is waiting to hand out the prizes that were donated by the Colorado chapters of FCRV.  Around 475 gift donations were dropped off and therefore; with circa 500 rigs in attendance, almost everyone won something. 🙂


After the door prize pick-up times for the day had passed; they closed the room to prepare for the next day.  We helped count the remaining door prizes which dictated how many second round tickets could be drawn.  The total number of door prizes kept changing because some people were still dropping off late donations and we even got some gift cards from local downtown restaurants/businesses.  Then we helped post the new tickets in alphabetical order on the board.

We used the Harley to get back and forth from the campground to the Cam-Plex throughout the day.  I even toured around the grounds a couple times.  Once back at our coaches in the early afternoon, Stilla put together a cheese, salami and cracker platter for an impromptu “Happy Hour”…


but once we sat down outside the Urban Escape Vehicle, it wasn’t long before it started raining so we had to cut our “Happy Hour” short…

(L to R) Stilla, Don, Dad, Biff, Linda, Cheryl, and Elaine.

It didn’t rain very long, just a passing shower.  So once it dried out we took the bicycles for a long ride around the Cam-Plex.  We made it back just in time for the evening’s scheduled entertainment.


At 8 PM, we piled into Dad’s Jeep once again to ride over to the Events Center building together for the evening entertainment.  The nights entertainment is Charles King “A Fabulous Night in Las Vegas”but first – if you recall from yesterday’s post, I had trouble downloading pictures from my dad’s USB stick.  With that problem now solved; Here are a few pics of the previous (Monday) evening’s awesome performance by Tamra Hayden.  Click HERE for a link to her official website.  Or click HERE for a link to her youtube videos.

Tamra Hayden performing at the Cam-Plex in Gillette, WY.
Tamra Hayden performing at the Cam-Plex in Gillette, WY.

She was pretty good… and wow! – did she ever have a strong voice…

For tonight’s performance with Charles King, we once again scored good seating in the mezzanine.


Charles King “A Night in Fabulous Las Vegas” performed songs reminiscent of the Las Vegas “Rat Pack” days and then in mid-show, he changed into an Elvis costume.  Click HERE for a link to youtube.  I couldn’t find a website for him.

Singer/entertainer Charles King at Gillette, WY.
Singer/entertainer Charles King at Gillette, WY.
Singer/entertainer Charles King at Gillette, WY.

The show was pretty good, but the acoustics in the large hall were definitely off… we had trouble hearing his voice over the musical instruments.  Sometimes when he talked between songs we couldn’t understand a word.  Oh well, it was still entertaining!  Grandson Kaan amused himself with Stilla’s iPhone during the show, so even he wasn’t bored… thank goodness for free WiFi in the area 🙂

Elaine, Stilla, and self… in front of our Coaches at Gillette, WY.

Check back in to see what Day 3 of the Campvention brings…  it’s overcast this morning but hopefully the cloud cover will burn off,  I’d like to get in some more Harley-time.  The only thing I know for sure is that we plan on going back to the Elks Lodge for Tacos this evening.



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  1. Really enjoy reading your adventures. My wife (Christine, home town Fulda) and I are planning on purchasing a class A next spring, and hit the road the following year. We are very interested in the Alpine Coach as well. Reading through your blogs I see the only issue you’ve really had was the inverter. Other than that, have you had any other concerns or problems with your coach? We are looking at 2005 – 2007 model’s.

    1. Dennis,
      All Coaches will have their problems, no matter how much they cost. Even the most expensive luxury models. The important thing to remember is to buy from a reputable dealer and have it checked it out by a third party if at all possible. Also, an extended warranty is always a good idea. My warranty has paid for a radiator, a refrigerator compressor, and an inverter/charger over the last few years. A lot of dealers will work with you on the warranty… I think I paid around $3k for 5 years and got the deductible down to $100. Finally, you really can’t go wrong with an Alpine Coach. They are one of the best diesel pushers on the road. Good Luck!

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