Day 33 in Deutschland – Anne’s; Berlebad; Barni’s (Sindersdorf, GE)

Our 33rd day in Germany was Wednesday the 6th.  And another good day it was 🙂  We only have 5 more days to go before we fly back to the U.S.

Stilla’s sister Anneliese invited us for lunch at her house.  She made one of my favorite dishes, meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Yummm 🙂 I drove over to her house in Meckenhausen with Opa because Stilla was out and about early in the morning visiting with friends.  One of the neighbors had taken her to see their kids that used to live next door but moved away.  She didn’t make it back in time for lunch and showed up late – it’s a good thing sister’s are forgiving 🙂

Anne’s famous meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Cheese covered brussels sprouts (Rosenkohl) side.
Anneliese posing by her Christmas tree.

After Stilla showed up (mid-afternoon) and had her re-heated meal, we then picked up William and we all drove to the town of Berching to enjoy the Berchinger Erlebnisbad “Berle”.  This is a super-nice indoor pool complex situated in the scenic Naturpark (Nature park) Altmühltal right next to the canal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.20.34 PM


Stilla, Anneliese, and William at the entrance to the indoor swimming park.


Entrance fees were paid at the automated kiosk.  You choose the number of hours you want to stay and pay accordingly.  You have to use your ticket again on the way out.  If you overextend your stay, you’re trapped until you pay the machine more money.  We paid for four hours, 5 Euros each, for a total of 20€.


View of the pool and super-slide in this picture (below) that I swiped from their website.  I didn’t take any pictures inside because I left my phone in the clothes locker.  We also enjoyed some good food at their in-house Italian cafeteria after we worked up an appetite again.


We had a nice relaxing day at the pool.  The water was nice and warm except for the separate olympic type pool that is kept at a lower temperature.  In one section of the pool, at certain times the water jets kept a strong current running around in a circle that was  hard to swim back out of.  Pretty cool.  And the slide was awesome too 🙂

When we all got back from the pool, it wasn’t long before it was time for our next social commitment.  We were invited to go over to Barni & Silvia’s house in Sindersdorf for Brotzeit and drinks.  Anneliese picked up Stefan & Annerose and then drove us the two blocks over to their house since it was raining.

Annerose, Stilla, Barni.

Silvia brought out lots of Brotzeit-type meats for us to spread on the many different breads, rolls, and pretzels.


Cheers! (Prost!)

Anneliese, Stefan, Niklas, Sandra, Silvia, Barni, Annerose.
Anneliese, Stefan, Niklas, Sandra, Silvia, Barni, Annerose.

We had a great time (as usual) and said our sad goodbye’s and ‘see-ya-laters’.  Thanks for the hospitality Barni & Silvia!  We hope you can visit us again in the states sometime soon.  🙂