Back to the Dirt Farm (Casa Grande, AZ)

On Tuesday our plans changed (as they often do) and we headed on back to the “Dirt Farm” in Casa Grande in a convoy with my Mom, Stepdad, brother Steve & Cheryl.  The “Dirt Farm” is where they live and call home.  They gave this nickname to their ~4 acre “farm” where they have some chickens and ponies.  It’s also where we often park the Urban Escape Vehicle on 50 Amp power when we’re in the area.  You may recall that we parked the Coach here while we visited Germany for 5 weeks in December and early January.


We came back here directly from Quartzsite in order to park the Urban Escape Vehicle so we can take the pickup and trailer to Colorado Springs to help our daughter move.

So on Wednesday we downloaded and stored the ATV.



We emptied the trailer of all our items in storage and hooked it up to the Silverado with the intent to drive straight thru to Colorado Springs tomorrow morning (Thursday).


So if you don’t hear from us for a couple days, it’s because we’re on the road to Colorado where we’ll be helping our daughter pack up her stuff and move.  We hope to be back in Casa Grande soon so we can get to the next Alpine Coach Rally in Lake Havasu scheduled for February 11 -15.  Stay tuned…