Back to Reality and More Rain (Colorado Springs, CO)

On Sunday morning we joined my Dad and stepmom Elaine at a church service in the Morgan County Fairgrounds main building with the other FCRV members.

Afterwards, a small group of us carpooled into town for a hearty breakfast.  Then it was time to pack up and head out since our fun-time here has come to an end 🙁  We were supposed to be out of the fairgrounds before noon.

My Dad was hooking up his Jeep to tow as I pulled up beside him.  We planned to convoy back to Colorado Springs together.


He hooked up his (new to him) Blue Ox™ towbar that he got a good deal on thru Craigslist.


And then he hooked up his RVi™ supplemental braking system.  I have an older Brake Buddy™ version, this one is pretty nice, but I’d still like to get one of those Roadmaster InvisiBrake™ systems that I’ve seen at recent rallies.  Maybe one of these days…


For those that are interested; here’s my Blue OX™ Aventa LX (10,000 lb) towbar hiding underneath the Roadmaster mesh tow defender that I purchased and had installed while at the FMCA Rally in Pomona. (Link HERE).  I think the tow defender is doing its job protecting the front of the Silverado, but only time will tell…


My Dad followed us from the fairgrounds until we stopped for fuel at the Flying J in Limon.  He was running low and needed to fill up.  We had already filled up here on the way to the rally, but I used the opportunity to fit another 25 gallons into the 115 gallon tank.  It’s always best to keep the tank as full as possible to head off condensation issues in the fuel tank.  We know that we’ll have to spend at least another few weeks parked while we (hopefully) close on the house.

We switched it up and my Dad took over the lead after our fuel stop.  We followed along behind until we got to Colorado Springs.


Pikes Peak grew larger and larger as we ticked down the miles and got closer to the Springs.



And here’s another pic of the Urban Escape Vehicle that my stepmom sent me on her phone after we took over the lead again once we were in town.  Yup… it’s starting to rain again 🙁


We stayed in touch with walkie-talkies while we were on our mini-convoy; we said our farewells once we got back on I-25 and I exited on Nevada Avenue.  We made it back to the Elks Lodge in Colorado Springs and were able to dump our tanks just before it started to rain hard.  We then relaxed for the evening and hid out from the infrequent rain.

On Monday, I spent time at the house working off some of the minor deficiencies as a result of the home inspection that the potential buyer had conducted last Friday.  We received an Inspection Objection Notice with a list of items that the buyer would either like to have fixed or he would like to receive compensation for.  After working off some of the items on the list, i.e., sticking door, loose door knob, caulking and insulation on central A/C lines, etc., I consulted with my realtor and we reached a decision to give the buyer some smaller $ amount in concessions.  We’re pretty sure it was the buyer’s intent all along to nit-pick on the inspection so he could get help with his closing costs.  So, we submitted a response to that effect, got positive feedback from the buyers realtor, and therefore hope to be closing on or about the 1st of June 🙂

This morning (Tuesday), we are expecting an appraiser to be at the house.   So I intend to brave the constant rain (it rained all night too) and go over to the house to answer any questions or do whatever might help things along… The appraisal is the last hurdle to get through on this home selling (mis)adventure.  Wish us luck…