Back in the Springs! (Elks Lodge 309, Colorado Springs CO)

We took our time Thursday getting packed up.  I wouldn’t have minded staying at the Westminster Elks Lodge for another day or two, but Kaan’s mother (our oldest daughter) was expecting him back.  It’s been fun having the grandson for the summer and I think we were able to give him memories to last a lifetime, but it’s almost time for him to start another school year.

We walked over to Jim & Sally’s Coach to say our “see-ya-later’s!” We didn’t get a chance to see our neighbor Ray again, but we’d said our goodbye’s the evening prior.

Jim & Sally’s Coach at the Westminster Elks Lodge.

So eventually, we pulled in the slides, raised the jacks and moved over to the dump station to lighten our load.  After taking care of the dirty deed, we hit I-25 south and braced ourselves for Denver traffic.

We rolled into Colorado Springs 75 miles later and unhooked the Silverado in the newly-resurfaced Elks Lodge parking lot.  Did I mention how much we hate going through major cities with the Coach?  “It’s called ‘merging’ for a reason people… you’re not supposed to just drive onto the highway and force people over… arrgh!”

Then we took the Urban Escape Vehicle over to the nearest gas station to fill up the 115 gallon fuel tank with 75 gallons of diesel.  Ouch!  Since we’re going to be parked for a while, it’s important to completely fill up the tank in order to minimize condensation.  I also put in a fuel additive called Biobar JF that prevents microbial growth.  Condensation and algae are among the two biggest killers of fuel filters, injectors, etc.,  Our friends Mike & Donna Kuper @ turned us on to this product a while back.

Stilla already decided for us that we’d stay for the month of August here at the COS Elks Lodge.  This is fine with me.  At least we can save a little money on fuel and campground fees.  We only have to pay $350 for a month here.  We pulled into our 30 Amp spot facing the pool and I downloaded the bikes and the motorcycle.



And here we are again in our old spot.  We look forward to spending time with our two daughters, our relatives and friends here in Colorado Springs.IMG_1599

I can use the time to get a little maintenance done on the Urban Escape Vehicle.  Yesterday (Friday), I already broke out the sealant to touch up some roof seams where I noticed the old sealant was starting to crack… there’s supposed to be some rain in the forecast over the next week.  I’ve got a lot of washing and waxing I’d like to get done as well.

Little “Coach” walking his squeaky toy around the Coach.

Friday evening we enjoyed dinner in the lodge.  But this time we were alone since the usual cast of characters that have joined us in the past here at the lodge are all otherwise occupied.  My Dad is recuperating from his surgery, Biff & Linda are at a weekend campout with the FCRV Rolling Springs group, the kids are at work, etc, etc…

I’ll try to find interesting things to post about while we’re here, so stay tuned…