Back at the “Dirt Farm” (Casa Grande, AZ)

We made it!  We’re back at the “dirt farm” in Casa Grande, AZ where we’ll stay parked until we get back from our trip to Germany on the 11th of January.

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We made the circa. 290 mile trip from our overnight boondocking spot at the Red Earth Casino located next to the Salton Sea without incident.  We arrived at my brother Steven & Cheryl’s ~5 acre “dirt farm” in Casa Grande, AZ before dusk.  I wrote about why they call it the “dirt farm” in previous posts HERE and HERE.

Driving across the border into Yuma, AZ.


Stilla even took over driving duties for the last 100 miles or so 🙂


The long and straight Highway 8 (east bound).


Here’s the Urban Escape Vehicle in front of Mom’s house.


A few pictures around the “dirt farm”:


Opposite side of Mom’s house, looking at one of the chicken coops and the casita.
My brother Steven & Cheryl’s house on the “dirt farm”.
Steven & Chery’ls (new to them) Class-C RV parked by their house.
View of the “back 40″… the horse corrals and sheds behind Steven & Cheryl’s house.

We’re expecting to have a bunch of relatives and friends here for Thanksgiving, so we’ll enjoy that while we get prepared to leave for Germany on the 3rd of December.

I was able to find a couple round-trip tickets for just under $1,200 so we’re all set to spend the Christmas and New Year holiday(s) with Stilla’s family.  And, more importantly her father’s 85th birthday on the 8th of December.

I’ll post again in a couple/few days… there’s lots to do before we leave: I’d like to get the oil changed in the Coach, plus we still need to top off the fuel tank and dump our tanks…  Check back soon 🙂

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  1. I hope you realize that when the Islamos institute Sharia Law in this country Stilla will no longer be allowed to drive anything, let alone a monstrous banana boat. Perhaps earlier in Germany.

  2. All the best for a safe trip, full of fun and laughter and holiday cheer! V&W

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