Alpine SoCal Spring Training Rally – Day 6 (Goodyear, AZ)

And here we are at Day 6 (Thursday) of our Alpine SoCal Rally here at Cotton Lane RV Resort, Goodyear, AZ.  Read on for a recap of our day:

Spring Training Rally Info Packet

Breakfast was back on the agenda… and was superb as usual – thanks Bob & Connie / Jim & Stephanie!

Bob Bowers manning his breakfast station.

Folks sat around and socialized after breakfast for a good while.



After breakfast, most of the rally attendees went off to do there own thing.  Some went to another Spring Training baseball game, others enjoyed other local attractions, and a few just hung out here at the RV Park.  Stilla and I fell into the later category; we just hung around and relaxed most of the day except for a quick shopping trip for groceries.

Around dinnertime, Frank Krauland picked us up in his Jeep and drove us to Raul & Theresa’s Mexican Restaurant where we joined the rest of our SoCal group for our evening meal.



More good food with good people!


Mike Hambarian and Frank Krauland pose for selfies.


Frank Krauland brought an item for “show-and-tell” (below).  He had poor water pressure in his kitchen sink on the cold water side so he took apart his lines today and pulled out this small chunk of white rock-like material.  We joked that his Coach had passed a kidney stone 🙂  It’s probably a clump of minerals from the hard water that is so prevalent here in the southwest.


The food was great.  Servers brought us plates of tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans from the small buffet line they set up for our group.


One table was the last to leave.  I guess they were having so much fun, they didn’t want to go.



And so ends another fine Alpine SoCal rally day… check back tomorrow…