Alpine SoCal Spring Training Rally – Day 5 (Goodyear, AZ)

Another great Alpine SoCal Rally day!  Welcome to your Day 5 (Wednesday) rally recap:

Spring Training Rally Info Packet

As you can see from the rally agenda (above), our rally hosts get the day off… breakfast was on our own.  Stilla fixed us some delicious sausage and eggs.

The Urban Escape Vehicle parked at Cotton Lane RV Resort.


After we finished breakfast on our own, our Alpine SoCal Treasurer Rick Fisher picked me up and drove us over to a local Wells Fargo™ branch so I could be added to our club account.  As the newly-elected president of the club, I need to be able to access our funds in situations when the treasurer isn’t around, etc.,

Once Rick and I finished up with the bank account and returned to the park, Stilla and I went over to talk to the nice lady (Maggie) that we’ve been helping with the roof shingle repairs on her park model house here in the RV park (see yesterday’s post).  We needed to finish securing some of the old shingles on the edges of the roof with caulking to to keep them from flapping in the wind and breaking off.  I already replaced all the missing shingles yesterday and ran out of caulking.  Today, I just wanted to finish the job and make sure I did quality work so the roof repairs last for a good long while.

We needed more caulking, so Stilla and I made a trip over to Home Depot™ on the Harley.


After securing a couple more tubes of roof caulking from Home Depot™ and spending another hour or so on the roof, all the repairs are done.  Maggie paid us for the materials and gave us a little for the time and labor.  Thanks Maggie, hope that roof holds up for you for a good long time 🙂


I finished up the roof repairs by early afternoon.  Around that time, our daughter Jennifer and grandson Kaan came by to visit.  Kaan got out of school early today, so we decided to check out the pool and hot tub here at the Cotton Lane RV Resort.



After enjoying some fun time in the pool, we got ready for our evening with the Alpine SoCal group.  It was time for Social Hour with Margaritas and Hors d’Oeuvres.  Everyone gathered outside our Rally host(s) Bob & Connie Bower’s Coach which is next to our designated get-together site.


Bill Figge served up lots of his “famous” margaritas with the (somewhat) qualified help of Jack Giddens 🙂


And everyone showed up with lots of tasty hors d’oeuvres and assorted treats.  No one left hungry or thirsty, thats for sure…



A lighted neon margarita sign adorned the table so we all knew where to go for refills throughout the evening.


Jack Giddens and Bill Figge posed for a couple of pics:


Margaritas anyone?


We all socialized until the sun went down.  More good Alpine camaraderie :).





And another fine Alpine day comes to a close…


… join us again tomorrow for Day 6 of the Alpine SoCal Spring Training Rally…