Phoenix Day-Trips [Part 2 of 2] (Triple “T” RV & Mobile Home Park, Glendale AZ)

As promised, here’s part 2 to finish off my last post that details some of the day trips we’ve taken while parked here in Glendale, AZ at the Triple “T” RV & Mobile Home Park.

So, to continue where I left off… Yet another day-trip we recently took (just Stilla & I) – was over to Carefree, and Cave Creek, AZ.  These two towns are situated right next to each other northeast of Phoenix in the foothills of Black Mountain, Skull Mesa and Elephant Butte.  We heard that the town of Carefree was having a sand and stone exhibit at the Carefree Desert Gardens.

We expected a dedicated desert garden with its own parking lot and entrance fees like we’ve seen in Tucson and other places, but found that the Carefree Desert Gardens are really just part of the town-center.  There’s no entrance fee and it is surrounded by numerous businesses, cafe’s, and restaurants… even a post office.

Carefree Desert Gardens sign and water feature..

The Carefree Desert Gardens sign serves double-duty as a water feature and fountain:

Carefree Desert Garden sign/fountain.
Carefree Desert Garden sign/fountain.
Carefree Desert Garden sign/fountain.
Carefree Desert Gardens walking tour map courtesy of the website.

In the Desert Garden Center pavilion, we found one of the sand sculptures currently under construction.  Read up on the artist Ray Villafane by clicking HERE.

“Elephant playing chess with a field mouse” sand sculpture by Ray Villafane and Sue  Beatrice.
Informational placard on the sand sculptures and artist.
What awesome detail on this work-in-progress.

The artist had a completed sand sculpture located in a different section of the Carefree Desert Gardens (below).


We were amazed at the patience and perseverance that Ray must have to get these rocks to balance (below).


Balanced rock sculpture by Ray Villafane. If the wind picks up, Ray has to start all over again.

No wires, glue or anything other than gravity… amazing!


We wandered around the gardens and took a few photos.  Follow along:




I read that only 1 out of 20,000 Saguaros have this fanlike or lumpy top, called a crested saguaro. (above & below).





After we had our fill of the desert gardens, we walked through several of the adjacent shops at the Carefree town center and browsed around.  Then we took the short drive over to the town of Cave Creek and had a nice lunch at the Horny Toad restaurant.  Their website says this about the place: “The Horny Toad restaurant is the oldest, original restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona and has been the location for many “Old West” movies and photo shoots. Enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran desert as you dine from the expanded patio or experience the multiple interior dining rooms and Saloon.”  Our fellow Alpine friends Noel & Carol Peck and Jack & Linda Giddens told us about this interesting and unique place.  The fried chicken & rib lunch special was awesome 🙂

Cave Creek reminded me of Sturgis SD with several biker saloons and motorcycle related venues throughout town.  It’s a popular riding destination for locals and even not-so-locals.  We even stopped to check out the local Harley dealership, Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson®.

Local  rock formation feature between Carefree and Cave Creek.  Appropriately named at

While driving around Cave Creek we stopped at the Town Dump “one of the world’s most unusual stores” as their sign above the entrance claims.  Anyone who has driven through Cave Creek, probably noticed the large assortment of garden ornaments, sculptures, pottery, rustic antiques, etc., situated in the large open-air shop and courtyards alongside main street.

I tested out a rather unique bar stool at “The Town Dump”, Cave Creek AZ.

Regarding the town of Cave Creek:  I pulled the following description from the Cave Creek Visitors Guide website:  “The numerous saloons in Cave Creek thrive on activity as establishments such as Harold’s and the Buffalo Chip, and offer almost nightly events from live bands, poker tournaments, trivia, and charity casino events – all with a wild western flair and small town hospitality. The crowds are diverse with visitors and residents alike enjoying all that is unique in Cave Creek. Other notable eateries in Cave Creek include Rancho Manana’s Tonto Bar and Grill which is part of the well known Rancho Manana Golf Club and Resort. Tonto is located in an original building from the 1940’s Rancho Manana Dude Ranch. During much of the year, the large, partially covered patio is nearly always full during lunch and dinner as the views are as good as the food. The owner’s of Tonto also operate the highly rated Cartwrights on Saguaro Hill located just a mile or so down Cave Creek Road. The Horny Toad Restaurant has some of the country’s best fried Chicken while the nearby Indian Village boasts some of the worlds best tacos although El Encanto Mexican Restaurant are mighty delicious as well and offer a unique patio surrounding a small pond with lots of ducks and turtles. The Cave Creek Smokehouse is popular as well located in Frontier Town as well as nearby Big Earls Greasy Eats.

On the way back home to our RV & Mobile Home Park in Glendale, I just had to stop at Desert Valley Auto Parts (DVAP) located in Deer Valley north of Phoenix.  Some of my readers may recognize the name from the reality TV show “Desert Car Kings” which aired on the Discovery Channel® in 2011.  I think it only ran for one season but reruns are currently shown on the Velocity Channel®.

Per my bloggers’ friend® and the DVAP website: “Desert Valley Auto Parts is the legendary treasure trove of classic cars (and parts) from the 1940′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and a few 80′s thrown in the mix for good measure.  Over 10,000 classic cars located on 100 acres of dry Arizona land.”  Don’t forget to check out the YouTube® video on the DVAP homepage.

The Desert Valley Auto Parts office building.


We walked into the DVAP office and talked to one of the friendly guys behind the counter.  They normally charge $2 to tour the yard.  He told us that people come to visit from all over the world due to the publicity from the TV reality show.  He just asked us to sign-in and let us roam the yard at our leisure with no charge.  Pretty cool!  Although, I don’t think Stilla was as impressed as I was 🙂


Here’s a ’57 Chevy waiting for someone to restore.  It needs just a little work 🙂 (below).


It was almost painful (to me) to see a ’57 Chevy in this condition.


Some of you readers may remember our ’57 Chevy 2dr Bel-Air that we sold before we started full-timing (below).  I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to add an old picture here.  I kind of miss her 🙁

Old photo (circa 2012) of our mostly-original ’57 Chevy Bel-Air 2dr hdtp at the GoodGuys Car Show in Loveland, CO.

Rows and rows of classic cars… my idea of a fun time 🙂



There was some activity going on in the yard (see crane in action below) and what I think was a hollywood movie-set trailer.  The nice guy we talked to at the office shared with us that DVAP was going to be the location of some scenes for a popular movie sequel (to remain unnamed at this time) in case of liability.


Back at the Triple “T” RV & Mobile Home Park we finally got to enjoy the pool which has been closed for repairs since we got here.

Image 6
Kaan & I enjoying some cool-down time at the RV park pool.

Image 24

And finally, one last day-trip update:  Just the other day we stopped by Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza while we were out driving around.  We’ve been doing a little geocaching with our grandson Kaan lately and ended up driving around downtown Phoenix.

Korean War Memorial at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza.
Image 2
David & Stilla in front of the Korean War memorial at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza.

Much like the National Mall on which it is loosely based, the Legislative Governmental Mall aka Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza is intended as an open-air public space featuring monuments, memorials and gardens. Some of these monuments were erected prior to the inception of the Plaza, such as the monument to the USS Arizona which was dedicated over a year earlier on December 7, 1976. The Plaza, when dedicated, included these existing memorials and all subsequent memorials have been located within the boundaries of the plaza. Ref. Wikipedia®

Image 1

Again, I referenced wikipedia® for a good description:  The plaza is home to 30 memorials dedicated to topics including important individuals, organizations, and events.  Among the more prominent are the mast and anchor of the USS Arizona, memorials to major wars such as WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and Desert Storm, and America’s first monument of the Bill of Rights.

Image 7
Jenny, Kaan, and Stilla at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in downtown Phoenix.
Image 12
Arizona’s WWII Memorial placard for the USS Arizona which was sunk by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Image 4
USS Missouri informational placard.  Site of the Japanese surrender on Sept 2, 1945.
Image 11
USS Arizona informational placard.
Image 10
USS Arizona signal mast and memorial.

Image 14

Here’s more photos we took of some of the fine memorials in this awesome and thought-provoking memorial plaza:  A must-see if you’re in downtown Phoenix!

Image 8

Image 9
USS Arizona anchor memorial.
Image 13
Jenny & Kaan in front of the Wesley Bolin memorial.
Image 15
Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Image 20
WWII and Combat Veterans memorials.
Image 16
Tribute memorial to the WWII Code Talkers.
Image 18
Enduring Freedom  memorial.
Image 19
Arizona Peace Officers Memorial.

And that’s all for now folks!  We reserved a site for Jenny’s trailer at an RV park in Tempe beginning on the 27th of May.  She’ll be closer to her job there.  I’ll move her over there at that time and we’ll probably relocate the Urban Escape Vehicle back down to the “dirt farm” in Casa Grande for a quick visit.  We can’t beat the moochdocking rates there 🙂  We’re thinking of taking Kaan along with us again for some of his summer break… check back soon to see what we get into and/or where we end up 🙂



Phoenix Day-Trips [Part 1 of 2] (Triple “T” RV & Mobile Home Park, Glendale AZ)

I’m finding it hard to keep the travel journal (blog) updated when we’re sitting in one spot for so long.  There’s just not much going on here at the Triple “T” RV & Mobile Home Park where we’ve been parked since returning from Newport Dunes, CA.  We paid the pretty reasonable monthly rate of $417 (+ electric fees TBD) and have been basically just sitting here helping out our daughter Jennifer and grandson Kaan while they slowly get settled here in Phoenix.  Jenny goes to work pretty much every day while Kaan attends school (3rd grade) at a public charter.

One highlight of our stay here was moving sites.  We moved from our original site, that was slightly behind Jenny & Kaan’s travel trailer, to a newly-vacated spot right next to them.  The Urban Escape Vehicle was facing southwest, and now we’re facing northeast which is a little easier on the electronics in the front cap due to the intense Arizona sun.  At least, I think it’s easier on the electronics e.g., DVR Receiver, Blu-Ray® player surround-sound system, Satellite Dish controller, etc., because now we only have the morning sun shining on the front of the coach as opposed to the intense mid-day and all afternoon/evening sun.  The front windshield sure generates a lot of heat from the sun in a “green-house effect” kind of way and the air conditioners have been getting quite a workout while the recent daytime-high temps here reach 100°.  We did purchase a roll of the silver reflective insulating material from a local RV store that we put on the inside of the windshield along with our existing sunscreen material… it certainly seems to help.  I’ve been thinking of getting the sunscreen material that goes on the outside of the windshield, but to do that – I have to  have it professionally fitted and fasteners have to be installed.  Maybe I’ll check into that at the next large rally we attend where there’s lots of vendors.  The see-thru sunshade material we currently have is two-piece and uses suction cups to hold to the inside of the windshield.

The Urban Escape Vehicle parked next to Jenny & Kaan’s travel trailer at Triple-T RV & Mobile Home Park in Glendale, AZ.


On one or two of the rare “not-so-sunny” days, I’ve been able to get a few general maintenance items accomplished;  I’ve washed the vehicles, gotten the propane tanks filled, replaced the plastic motion-sensor windows on our outside “scare” lights and even installed new LED marker lights in the rear spoiler that finally arrived from


Rear of Jenny’s trailer with the UEV parked next door in the background.
Installing new LED marker lights in the rear spoiler on the UEV.


Of course, no job is ever easy (at least for me)… the LED lights required some work to get installed into the rear spoiler.  I had to enlarge the center hole for each marker light on the spoiler because the new lights had a larger diameter center section where the bulb sits and the wires come out the back.  I used a small grinder bit attached to a drill to make each hole large enough to mount the new lights.  The new lights look good and nicely complement the recently re-fastened spoiler that I wrote about HERE.

We have also done a few day-trips while parked here in Glendale.   We can’t always sit around the RV park, right?   One day, we drove down to the “dirt farm” in Casa Grande to visit my mom, stepdad, brother Steve & Cheryl.  Our little dog “Coach” is doing just fine since mom stole, (I mean adopted), him 🙂

Fur-less Coach.


His fur is growing back after the buzz cut mom gave him a while ago.

Coach’s favorite squeaky toy is still squeaking away after several years.


Mom showed off her new brood of chicks.  If she keeps this up, we’ll have to rename the place to “chicken farm” 🙂  Right Ma?


Ma with one of her new chickens.


On another weekday outing, we drove over to nearby Westgate Entertainment District for the weekly Bike Night held every Thursday.  You may recall that we attended a car show here a little while back that I think I posted on Facebook.  The Westgate Entertainment District is a pretty cool place to hang out with lots of good restaurants.  And who doesn’t like a car or motorcycle show…



There were lots of nice rides to check out.



Of course, we had to check out the Indian® Motorcycle stand to see the latest.  Stilla’s brother Ludwig in Germany is now an official Indian® dealer (←link here) since the beginning of this year and although I’m a Harley guy, It’s fun to keep track of the competition.



This dog with goggles got a lot of attention.


On yet another day-trip, Stilla & I drove the Silverado over to White Tank Mountain Regional Park.  I heard they had a campground here that I wanted to check out for future reference.


The freestanding, deeply serrated, 4000-foot-high White Tank Mountains separate the Phoenix Basin of the Salt River Valley from the Hassayampa Plain.  Floodwaters have scoured out a series of depressions, or “tanks,” in the white granite rock, thus the name of the mountains.

White Tank Mountain Visitor Center.


We stopped at the Visitor Center located just outside the entrance gate.  The Nature Center seemed to double as a library and also had several desert creatures; snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, etc., on display in terrariums.  There was also an alleged desert turtle in an outside enclosure, but it must have been out on a hike because we couldn’t find it.  After paying our $6 entrance fee, we drove into the park and found the campground.


There were only a few rigs parked at the campground.  I think everyone with any good sense has already headed north to cooler weather.

Family campground loop at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.


According to a flyer I picked up at the Visitors Center, the campground boasts 40 campsites with tables, grills, fire ring, water, and 30 and 50 amp hookups.  Restrooms and showers are onsite with a Dump station located nearby. Click HERE for campsite rates and information.

Family campground loop at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.
The camp host had a covered site to park his rig under.


We did a quick drive-thru of the campground loop and took some pics (above).  Then we exited the campground and drove around the regional park to check out the scenery.  Many of the Saguaro cacti are about to bloom…



The park has a huge number of picnic areas and parking areas at the various trailheads.  Click HERE for loop drive and trail map.  We stopped briefly at a few of them to check things out but decided it was too hot for hiking.


I thought I’d call this one “mustache cactus”.
The park even has a covered playground.
Typical day-use picnic area at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.
Typical trailhead sign (one of many) at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.
Multiple long straight arms on this Saguaro.


We finished our drive and passed the Nature Center/Library again on our way back out of the park (below).

Back-side view of the Nature Center/Library.


One weekend outing found us heading over to Saguaro Lake located 41 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix.  The reservoir was created by the construction of Stewart Mountain Dam.  Saguaro del Norte Recreation site is near the dam and includes the Saguaro Lake Marina (which includes a restaurant and boat concession), a Maricopa County Sheriff’s aid station, picnic tables, restrooms and boat ramps.  Butcher Jones Beach, which can be reached by a road a few miles north of Saguaro del Norte, features swimming, picnic and restroom facilities.

The drive across Phoenix from the west to east was (as usual) laden with heavy traffic, but once you get on the N Usery Pass Rd and then N Bush Hwy the scenery is awesome.

Highway to Saguaro Lake from Phoenix.
Highway between Phoenix and Saguaro Lake.


Saguaro Lake is within Tonto National Forest and as such had a day-use fee.  However, while we were checking out the signs at the entrance guard shack that was unmanned, a park ranger drove up next to us.  He told us I could display my lifetime disabled veteran national park pass on the dash.  We checked out the marina area after finally finding a parking spot at this (clearly) popular weekend destination.

One of the fishing docks at Saguaro Lake near the marina.
Stilla, Jenny, and Kaan checking out one of the docks at Saguaro Lake.


Since there was only limited beach access near the marina, we drove a few miles north on N Bush Hwy to E Butcher Jones Beach Rd.  We saw the signs for a swimming/recreation area on the northeast corner of the lake.

As you can see from the pictures (below), the beach was certainly crowded on this weekend.

View of Saguaro Lake at Butcher Jones Recreation area.
Jenny and Kaan on the beach (Saguaro Lake, Butcher Jones Recreation Area).
Stilla and I hanging at the beach in the shade (Saguaro Lake, Butcher Jones Beach).
View from parking area towards Butcher Jones Beach.


In addition to lots of people, there were also a lot of wild horses in-and-around the beach and parking lot area.


I found a local news article on the wild horses.  Environmentalists say the Salt RIver horses are destroying habitat, (link HERE).   We thought it was pretty cool to see so many wild horses up close and took a few pictures (below).

Wild horses at Butcher Jones Recreation Area, Saguaro Lake.
Wild horses at Butcher Jones Recreation Area, Saguaro Lake.
Wild horses at Butcher Jones Recreation Area, Saguaro Lake.
Wild horses at Butcher Jones Recreation Area, Saguaro Lake.


After hanging at the beach most of the day, we headed back towards Phoenix while stopping at some the other recreation area pullouts that we had passed earlier along the way to the lake.  Most of these areas provide access to the Salt River.  One of the areas had a big business booming by renting inner tubes to float down the Salt River.  (link HERE).  At Phon D Sutton we checked out the meager camping opportunities – basically dry camping in a parking lot.  Don’t think we’ll come back here with the Urban Escape Vehicle.  At one of the parking areas, we caught this picture of a roadrunner (below).

Roadrunner: (Geococcyx californianus) per wikipedia®


And at another parking area that provided beach access to the Salt River… I was walking along the pathway when I heard a rattlesnake rattle.  Startled, I jumped to the side away from the noise and then saw the source (below).  Good thing this thing rattled to warn me, I was about to walk right next to him!

Rattlesnake that I almost walked into along the Salt River.


And we had to photograph another cool cactus (below).

Multi-arm saguaro cactus near the Salt River.


And now – since I see this post is getting rather large… I’ll close for now and post a “Phoenix Day-Trips [part 2]” to bring you up to date on a few of the other outings that we’ve done recently.  Check back…

Stilla at a park in Glendale.


BTW –  We passed our 2nd year Anniversary of Full-timing in the Urban Escape Vehicle on May 2nd… Happy Anniversary to us!

Disneyland and Return Trip to Phoenix (Newport Beach, CA; Quartzsite, AZ; and Glendale, AZ)

OK… time for an update 🙂  I’ve been getting lazy on the updates and need to catch you up since we’re now back in Phoenix again.  Where does the time go?  Here’s what we’ve been up to…

As mentioned in my last posting, we stayed at the Newport Dunes Resort & Marina in Newport Beach, CA a few more days after the Alpine Coach Rally was officially over on Monday the 25th.  We ended up staying there until Friday the 29th.

On the last official rally day (Monday), while most of our rally friends headed out of the park… we decided to visit Disneyland’s California Adventure Park® (DCA).  DCA is the newest Disney park located right next to the original Disneyland®.  We also visited Disneyland® a couple days later on Wednesday but I’ll save all the Disney pictures for the end of today’s blog.

When we got back from DCA late in the evening on Monday we found (as expected) that about half of our Alpine friends had left the park 🙁  On Tuesday, we spent the day hanging around at the RV park and packed our stuff away in preparation for moving.  We deflated and cleaned the inflatable raft, loaded the Harley onto the back of the Silverado, cleaned and put away all our chairs, mats, etc.,


Kaan and I washed and deflated the Sea Eagle raft for storage.
Kaan playing on the beach at the RV Resort & Marina beach.

There were still 8 to 10 Alpines (out of 20) in our row with most of the remaining folks planning to leave on Wednesday, so we still got the chance to mingle throughout the day on Tuesday.

Alpiner’s enjoy discussions in the street 🙂


We said goodbye to a couple folks that left on Tuesday.

Alpiners’ waving goodbye to one of our SoCal members as they left the rally on Tuesday.

And then the remaining Alpiners’ had an impromptu evening get-together at Frank Krauland’s Coach.  Frank fired up his grill and barbecued some awesome chicken while other’s pitched in with a few side dishes.  Thanks for the food and ambiance Frank!

Our last get-together at Newport Dunes RV Resort & Marina.
Stilla and Frank.

It was another fun and successful Alpine SoCal rally… can’t wait for the next one!  We said our ‘see-ya-laters’ to the remaining Alpine SoCal members before we went to bed because we planned another trip to the Disney parks on Wednesday and wanted to get an early start.  This time we visited the original Disneyland®.

Now here’s some pictures of our visit(s) to the Disney theme parks from both of our trips.  Some of my Facebook™ friends may have seen a few of these pics already when I posted online.  The first ones’ (below) are from Disneyland’s California Adventure® park (DCA) that we went to on Monday:

Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.
Radiator Springs Racers at Disney’s California Adventure (DCA).


Kaan watches the Radiator Springs Racers whiz by on the track.
The whole town of Radiator Springs from the Disney movie ‘Cars’ is here.
We watched as “Mater” drove around town and joined “Lightning McQueen” on the main street of Radiator Springs.


Kaan really liked Radiator Springs. Secretly, so did I 🙂


Long lines were the norm…



Radiator Springs Racers at Disney’s California Adventure (DCA). This was a fun ride, but had the longest line… we only got to go on it once.
Riding the Radiator Springs Racer.


Riding the Radiator Springs Racer around the banked track.
The scary elevator ride.
The catch of the day.


One of the first rides we went on at DCA was the California Screamin’ roller coaster.  It was the first time Kaan had been on a roller coaster.  After the first ride, his initial shock and fear wore off and he couldn’t wait to get back on.  We (Jenny, Kaan & I) rode the roller coaster a total of four times throughout the day.  Stilla (as usual) waited out the scarier rides.

Jenny, Kaan, & I on the California Screamin’ roller coaster.

On Wednesday, (after taking a break on Tuesday as I mentioned earlier), we got an early start and went to the original Disneyland® theme park (pics below):

Kaan and Jenny at Disneyland.
This looked like a cool ride, but it was closed for renovations.  There were a large number of rides closed the day(s) we visited 🙁
The submarine ride. Pretty cool.
On the submarine ride with Kaan and Jenny.
Getting ready to go on one of the rides.
Mickey’s Toontown.
Mickey’s Toontown.


Stilla went on the Buzz Lightyear ride with me… Woo Hoo!
Kaan, Stilla, and Jenny. Hyperspace Mountain in the background. That was a fun ride… kind of like a roller coaster in the dark. The ride “Star Tours” was the coolest 🙂

Almost all the water rides were closed for some reason 🙁  There were no boat rides at “Rivers of America”.  No “Jungle Cruise”, etc.,  Even “Autopia” was closed along with the “Disneyland Railroad” and “Matterhorn Bobsleds”.

The sailing ship Columbia.
The Mark Twain Riverboat.  Walk-on only, no rides 🙁
Splash Mountain.


Kaan got pretty wet riding in front at Splash Mountain. It was worth it he said 🙂
The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was a blast.


Entrance to the Indiana Jones ride.


The Indiana Jones ride was one of our favorites, we got to ride twice and the second time Kaan got to drive.
Kaan and Stilla up in the treehouse.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from our Disneyland theme park visit(s).  Remember, this blog is primarily intended for friends & family and doubles as our photo album to look back on in future years.  So if you think there’s too many pictures… you’re just going to have to deal with it 🙂

On Thursday, since we already packed most of our stuff for the trip back to Phoenix, we just relaxed for the day and hit the local island here in Newport Beach (Balboa Island) and then spent some time on Huntington Beach.



We had a nice lunch on Balboa Island and then walked around to do some sightseeing.  Stilla and Kaan spotted some seals or maybe they were dolphins(?).  Too far away to tell for sure.



Interesting boat theme on Balboa Island.

We didn’t have to take the little ferry onto Balboa Island… but we did anyway just for the fun of it.  There’s also a road that connects the island to the mainland.

Driving onto the ferry.
The Silverado taking the Harley for a ride on the ferry.
We had mere inches between the three vehicles that the ferry can hold at one time.
Ferry landing on Balboa Island.

We walked one of the piers along Newport Beach.


And then we drove up to Huntington Beach where the parking fee was metered by the hour and was a little more reasonable than the $15 dollar fee they want at most of the other nearby state park beaches.


Kaan and I had a good time playing on the beach and in the water.  Stilla and Jenny just got some sun.






My sand castle got washed away 🙁  Kaan was smarter and built his farther up the beach 🙂



Life is Good 🙂 Relaxing on the beach.
Stilla enjoyed the “beach life”.

On Friday morning, we left the park by noon.  After braving the LA traffic which rolled along at a snails pace at times, we finally rolled into Quartzsite to look for a free boondocking site for the night.


We found a nice spot just off the highway (I-10) called Dome Rock Rd.  It’s on the west-side of Quartzsite, only a few miles from town.


We unhooked the Silverado and drove into town for dinner.  We went to Silly Al’s (←link) for some awesome pizza and had enough to take home some leftovers.  After dinner, we found a souvenir shop that was still open and did some browsing.  Here’s Kaan (below) posing in front of the World’s (reportedly) largest belt buckle.


On Saturday, we made good time with light traffic and arrived back at the Triple T RV & Mobile Home Park by early afternoon, which is where we’re now parked again.  Hopefully, not for too long.. it’s starting to get too hot here in Phoenix.  We got the same spot we had before we left for CA and Jenny’s travel trailer is still parked just behind us.  I’ll post again soon.  Stay tuned…