Friends (Colorado Springs, CO)

We went over to the house on Friday to program the garage door remotes for the new owner because he complained they didn’t work.  He was right –  I couldn’t get them to work either… I’ll have to go buy some fresh batteries and try again later.  This was the only discrepancy he found during the walk-thru he conducted last Wednesday.  Once I take care of the remotes, and get the Harley out of the garage, we’ll finally be finished with everything!  Closing is still set for Monday morning.  Yoo Hoo 🙂

On Friday evening, we had some old friends join us for dinner at the Elks Lodge.  Tim and Christine are friends from waayy back.  I’m talking early ’80s… Tim is an old Army buddy that was stationed in Schwabach Germany (1-1 CAV) with me back in the cold war days.

Tim & Christine Bargy

Here’s an old picture of Tim (on the left) from 1983 when he attended our wedding in Germany.  He now lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Christine.  We’re not sure where Craig (on the right) is located at nowadays… we think he might be in Milwaukee.


One of the cool things about doing a blog is that every so often I get the opportunity to dredge up old photos and give them new life… here’s another example of that –  the pic below was also taken at our wedding in 1983 and includes old Army buddies; (L to R) Craig Collins, Tim Bargy, and Jim Burns:


And here’s a more recent pic (2014) of myself, Tim and Jim.  We held an impromptu reunion when Jim was passing through Colorado.  Tim and I drove up to Denver to meet Jim for a brief dinner before his plane took him back up to Washington where he lives now.

David, Tim, and Jim. “We’ve aged pretty well” eh?

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my Dad and stepmom Elaine also attended dinner with us; along with more recent friends Biff & Linda.  Here’s some pics of us trying to talk to each other over the loud jukebox music after dinner at the Elks Lodge:





After dinner, Tim and Christine joined us in the Coach for more conversation.  Christine is also from Germany, so of course, the girls jabbered in Deutsch while Tim and I conversed.  We talked late into the evening catching up on events and recent activities.  We haven’t seen Tim & Christine since we left for the southwest in January.  It’s always great seeing old friends… you know what they say; Life without friends is like a ‘pencil without an eraser’ or ‘books without paper’…

Christine and Tim Bargy in the Urban Escape Vehicle.

On Saturday we went back to the house to try new batteries for the garage door openers… they still wouldn’t work.  A couple of our old neighbors even came over to offer assistance (or was it sympathy?)  I ended up going over to Sears to get a new remote control unit.  Ouch, another $44 🙁  I took the new remote back to the house and – finally, success!  Now all we have to do is show up at the closing on Monday morning to hand off the keys.

We took a break around lunchtime while working on the garage door remotes and went over to nearby Wimberger’s Old World Bakery & Delicatessen.  Stilla heard about an ‘authentic’ German Imbiss trailer that was going to be stationed outside on the street today.  Stilla, along with many of the German folks here in Colorado Springs flock to this bakery on a regular basis to stock up on German foods and condiments.


Apparently, word got out – and there was an unbelievably long line of people waiting on a currywurst, döner kebab, or pommes.  Click HERE for a link to The Little Imbiss Facebook page.




Little pond adjacent to Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

After an hour-long wait, we finally sat down with our food and friends; John & Angelika Rowe.  Angelika is also from Germany.  We passed the time waiting in line catching up with these friends.  We’ve spent time at car shows with John & Angelika and have attended holiday get-togethers at each others’ house over the last several years.


John, Angelika, and Stilla in front of Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

Once again, it was good catching up with old friends.  See you later John & Angelika!

Angelika, Stilla, myself and little Coach in front of Wimberger’s Old World Bakery.

After our loonng lunch break, I picked up the Harley from the house and took it over to the Elks Lodge while Stilla joined our oldest daughter and grandson at the indoor pool on Peterson Air Force Base.  Afterwards, Stilla stocked up on groceries at the Commissary on base and joined me again back at the Urban Escape Vehicle where I was searching the basement for a tarp to cover the Harley with.  If anything is certain lately, it’s that rain is in the forecast, and since I can’t use the garage at the house anymore…

And that’s all for now folks… stay tuned…

Working at the House and Emissions Testing (Colorado Springs, CO)

We’re still on track to sell the house with a closing date of 1 June.  We finally heard back from the appraiser after the Memorial Day weekend – all OK with no conditions 🙂

The buyer was scheduled to do a final walk-thru on Wednesday, so I finished up a few things at the house on Tuesday.  One of the things I still needed to do was move our old birdhouse from the front yard since we want to keep it.  Dad helped me move it over to his house… he’ll set it up in his backyard for safekeeping.

Here we are hauling the top portion into his backyard:


He’ll dig a hole and set up the post in concrete near these rocks.


Here’s what it looked like in front of our house when we first set it up back in 2006-07.  We brought this from Germany with us in 2005.  Stilla’s brother Wolfgang made it for us.

Stilla and grandson Kaan.

And here’s another old picture of it with our former dog Elvis posing in front… poor Elvis was attacked and killed by a coyote in our backyard in December of 2013 🙁

2006 06 10 (1)

Here’s the view of my Dad’s house (backyard) that the birdhouse will be looking at for the foreseeable future.


After we moved the birdhouse, Dad helped me put a final coat of paint “restore” on the front porch.  The first coat was done before we put the house on the market back in January and portions of the rubberized-type paint had frozen before it dried and it wasn’t sticking too well.  I promised the buyer that I would touch it up before he took possession.



In the evening, we gathered back at the Elks Lodge for “Taco-Tuesday”.  Three tacos are only $5 and drinks are at very reasonable happy-hour prices.  We had quite a few folks join us; my Dad, stepmom Elaine, friends Biff and Linda, old Army buddy Daniel, and fellow Alpine Coach owner’s Tom and Johnna.


Wednesday, I piddled around the house again in the morning hoping to catch the new owner during his final walk-thru/inspection.  I figured he’d appreciate me being there to answer any questions and maybe explain how to set up the auto-sprinkler system, etc.,  I got there at 8 AM but finally said the heck with it and left around 1:30 PM when he didn’t show.  I heard later in the evening that he did get there to do his final inspection.  All is well, except he couldn’t get the garage door remotes to work.  So, I’ll go back and program them for him.

Thursday, I had an appointment to get the emissions test done on the Urban Escape Vehicle.  It’s time to renew the registration and I haven’t had the opportunity yet to change domicile to South Dakota.  Unfortunately, the county that we’re currently registered in (El Paso county) requires testing on all diesel vehicles.  So $90 dollars later, I can now renew the registration for another year 🙁



After completing our emissions test and paying the state of Colorado for the privilege to drive on their fine pot-hole decimated roads for another year, we returned to the Elks Lodge.

We stopped at the dump station before returning to our parking spot because all the sites here require the use of a macerator.  The sewer pipes are above-ground (small diameter) PVC pipe.  It’s much less hassle to use the dump station than to hook up the macerator.

And once again, the afternoon rain storms rolled in:


All 13 full hook-up (30-Amp) sites here have been filled since before Memorial Day.


Here we are; backed into our site again (facing the pool).


We plan on going over to the house today (Friday) to program the garage door remotes and I’ll pick up the Harley and bring it back to the Lodge.  It’s been nice to have it garaged with all the recent rain … but I guess that’s the price you have to pay for being homeless, aka houseless 🙂

We’re supposed to meet some folks for dinner here at the Lodge this evening, so we’re looking forward to that… stay tuned…

Memorial Day – Picnics and Cemeteries (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer.”  (reference –

As a veteran, I took time this weekend to pause and remember all my comrades-in-arms that I had the privilege of serving with during my 26+ year Army career.  There is no greater bond than the one formed between brothers-in-arms during military service/combat.  Thank you brothers…

On Sunday, we did the typical picnic thing and enjoyed the Memorial Day activities here at Elks Lodge 309.


The Lodge had the grill fired up with lots of brats, dogs, and burgers.  And you can’t beat the price for a beer; only $1 a glass 🙂



Friends and fellow Coach owners, Biff and Linda joined us for food and conversation.


Daughter Jennifer and grandson Kaan, also stopped by.


The threatening rain clouds didn’t stop some of the younger generation from jumping into the frigid pool…



… but the rain (once again) put a damper on things around 3 PM.  Stilla went back to our youngest daughters’ house to keep an eye on her dogs while she’s in Las Vegas with her boyfriend for the weekend.  Of course, she’s also using the opportunity to spend quality-time with our grandson.  I just hid out from the rain and caught up on some of my favorite TV shows for the rest of the evening.

In the morning on Memorial Day Monday; my Dad, stepmom Elaine, and my Dad’s brother, Charles stopped by the Coach at the Elks Lodge to pick me up.

My Dad and stepmom have a tradition of visiting the family cemeteries each year.  I offered to act as their chauffeur.  Our first stop was in Elbert, CO; about 40 miles north-east of Colorado Springs.  My stepmom Elaine has several relatives here.


We arrived just in time to witness a nice flag-raising ceremony, complete with honor guard, a 21-gun salute, and taps on a bugle:




After the flag ceremony, we got to work trimming some bushes and refreshing the flowers at Elaine’s relatives gravesite(s).





Dad even broke out the weed-eater…





It was time for lunch after our visit to Elbert Cemetery, so we stopped at the quaint, nearby town of Kiowa.


Patty Anns Cafe is a nice local establishment that we’ve been to a number of times.  The food was just as good as l remembered it from last year.


After lunch, we took the scenic route back to Colorado Springs and arrived at Evergreen Cemetery…



The Veteran’s section of the cemetery looked especially nice with recently-placed flags.  Someone had even taken the time to place a fresh flower on top of each individual headstone.  Nice touch…


Here we visited my dear Grandpa and Grandma Hobden.  I sure miss them both… I was deployed overseas during each of their funerals.

Dad & Elaine at Evergreen Cemetery visiting Grandma/Grandpa Hobden

We replaced the flowers and tidied up a bit.



Isn’t this a nice photo of a younger Jesse Wayne & Glenora Hobden?


Next, we visited Isadore and Minnie Meyers;  Grandma Hobden’s parents.  My Dad claims that Grandpa Hobden planted this evergreen tree back in 1926.


Isadore and Minnie Meyers.

And here’s Grandpa Hobden’s parents; Nellie & Joseph Hobden.

Nellie and Joseph Hobden.

Our final cemetery stop was at Memorial Gardens ( on S. Academy and Airport Rd.) where my stepmom Elaine’s parents (Richard and Helen Tifft) are interred at the mausoleum.  We freshened up the artificial flowers which was a little challenging without a ladder.


After we paid our respects and completed our cemetery tour(s); we dropped off my Uncle Charles at his house near Memorial Hospital.  Then we stopped for a quick bite at the Pita Pit near the Elks Lodge.  I then successfully concluded my chauffeur duties by driving us safely back to the Coach where we said our farewells.

I hope everyone had a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

My plan for Tuesday is to finish moving a few final things out of the house in preparation for the future owners walk-thru, which is scheduled for Wednesday.  Stay tuned…




Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum (Colorado Springs, CO)

Most of Thursday and Friday were spent just hiding from the rain.  Enough already!… 28 more days until summer which can’t get here soon enough, in my opinion.

Still no word on the home appraisal.  However, the buyer scheduled a final walk-thru for the 27th.  So apparently, things are still rolling along on track for a June 1st closing 🙂

On Friday evening, we enjoyed dinner at the Elks Lodge with my Dad, stepmom Elaine, and friends Biff and Linda.  It was pork chop night.  Can’t beat the prices and the location, especially since we’re parked in the lot 🙂

We even had some live entertainment before and after dinner.  Here’s friend Linda getting some personalized attention:


My Dad and Elaine even got up for a dance:


Saturday, we drove over to Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson (PPHD) for their Memorial Day activities.  The dealership is only a few blocks away from the Elks Lodge.  There was food and live-music on tap; and in addition to the many motorcycles; there was a car show scheduled.


I’m sure the on-again/off-again rain showers scared most of the car show entries away, there were only a handful of classics/hot rods on hand.


We had planned on riding the Harley to the Saturday PPHD Memorial Day event, but the threat of rain (once again) forced us to drive.  Besides, I put the Harley and our bicycles in the garage at the house a couple weeks ago due to all the rain we’ve been having.  I purchased my Harley from this dealership back in December 1995.

’96 Heritage Softail Classic locked away in the garage, safe from the rain.

We met up with my Dad and stepmom in the parking lot and hit one of the outside vendors for lunch.  We took our lunch inside the dealership since it was starting to rain again 🙁

My Dad and stepmom were interested in seeing the motorcycle museum that is located on the upper-level of the dealership.  There’s a really great collection here.  We’ve seen it before, but it was the first time for them:


The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame was established in 1992.









My Dad used to have Yamaha just like this one (below)… I remember riding it around as a teenager.  We wondered if this could be it, but the one my Dad had was a 250, this was a 360.


One of my favorites; a WLA:


Most of the old Indians are locked away behind glass.





Several of the motorcycles here are either on loan or donated from a Mr. Ross Van Etten.  My stepmom knows him from her bowling league.





Another one of my favorites:


I remember when these “dirt” bikes came out… It was back in 1999 or so, when they had these for sale at the PX in Germany.  I was very tempted back then… wish I had bought one.





My Dad and stepmom Elaine at the Pikes Peak Motorcycle Museum.


If you’re ever in the area… be sure to stop by and check out this awesome collection of vintage motorcycles!

My Dad and stepmom Elaine went on to run errands after touring the museum.  We hung out at the dealership for a while, shopped, and listened to the live music.  Then we called it a day, and hid out from the rain again.

We plan on spending Sunday at the Elks Lodge Memorial Day Picnic.  The pool is supposed to open today and they’ll have brats and burgers on the grill.  Hope the rain holds off for a pleasant change.  Stay tuned…

Who stole the Sun? (Colorado Springs, CO)

I spent Tuesday morning at the house waiting for the appraiser to arrive.  I finally got tired of waiting and left at 1 PM.  I found out later the appraiser used the electronic lockbox at 1:18 PM to get in the house…  oh well, I’m sure it went well.  I’m told we should get the report in a couple days, so we just have to wait again.  Everything else is still on track though, we should close on the 1st of June 🙂

Here’s a (very wet) front-view of the house…


And the (very wet) front yard.  the mountains are hidden in the low-hanging wet clouds.


View from the back deck overlooking (very wet) downtown Colorado Springs.


Are you seeing the theme here?  It’s been a gloomy and very wet April so far.  I don’t think we’ve seen the sun for more than a few minutes the last several days.


Here’s a couple pics of nearby Fountain creek, which is definitely getting close to overflowing.   Hope this weather gets better soon.



I stopped by my old high school buddies shop, Chuck’s Auto, located on the west-side of Colorado Springs, just off 21st St.  I you ever need quality work done on your car… this is the place.


I often hang out here when my buddy Mike (the owner) isn’t too busy.  Unfortunately for me, he’s always busy… which is good for him (business-wise) anyway.

High school buddy, Mike… Hard at work.

On Wednesday, we hung out at the Coach and waited for long-time friends and blog-readers; Daniel and Monika Malmquist to arrive.  We had made arrangements earlier in the week to go out for dinner together.  We ended up at a local bar/restaurant for a decent meal and good conversation.  Of course the girls chattered together in German while Dan and I got caught up.

Friends; Danny & Monika Malmquist.

Afterwards, we went back to the Elks Lodge and continued chatting in the downstairs bar.  It was good to catch up with them – see you again soon Danny and Monika!

Then I drove Stilla over to our youngest daughters’ house for the night.  She’s going to dog-sit for a couple days while they go out of town.  Meanwhile, I will play the bachelor until Friday, which really means; I can watch whatever I want on TV 🙂

Stay tuned…

Back to Reality and More Rain (Colorado Springs, CO)

On Sunday morning we joined my Dad and stepmom Elaine at a church service in the Morgan County Fairgrounds main building with the other FCRV members.

Afterwards, a small group of us carpooled into town for a hearty breakfast.  Then it was time to pack up and head out since our fun-time here has come to an end 🙁  We were supposed to be out of the fairgrounds before noon.

My Dad was hooking up his Jeep to tow as I pulled up beside him.  We planned to convoy back to Colorado Springs together.


He hooked up his (new to him) Blue Ox™ towbar that he got a good deal on thru Craigslist.


And then he hooked up his RVi™ supplemental braking system.  I have an older Brake Buddy™ version, this one is pretty nice, but I’d still like to get one of those Roadmaster InvisiBrake™ systems that I’ve seen at recent rallies.  Maybe one of these days…


For those that are interested; here’s my Blue OX™ Aventa LX (10,000 lb) towbar hiding underneath the Roadmaster mesh tow defender that I purchased and had installed while at the FMCA Rally in Pomona. (Link HERE).  I think the tow defender is doing its job protecting the front of the Silverado, but only time will tell…


My Dad followed us from the fairgrounds until we stopped for fuel at the Flying J in Limon.  He was running low and needed to fill up.  We had already filled up here on the way to the rally, but I used the opportunity to fit another 25 gallons into the 115 gallon tank.  It’s always best to keep the tank as full as possible to head off condensation issues in the fuel tank.  We know that we’ll have to spend at least another few weeks parked while we (hopefully) close on the house.

We switched it up and my Dad took over the lead after our fuel stop.  We followed along behind until we got to Colorado Springs.


Pikes Peak grew larger and larger as we ticked down the miles and got closer to the Springs.



And here’s another pic of the Urban Escape Vehicle that my stepmom sent me on her phone after we took over the lead again once we were in town.  Yup… it’s starting to rain again 🙁


We stayed in touch with walkie-talkies while we were on our mini-convoy; we said our farewells once we got back on I-25 and I exited on Nevada Avenue.  We made it back to the Elks Lodge in Colorado Springs and were able to dump our tanks just before it started to rain hard.  We then relaxed for the evening and hid out from the infrequent rain.

On Monday, I spent time at the house working off some of the minor deficiencies as a result of the home inspection that the potential buyer had conducted last Friday.  We received an Inspection Objection Notice with a list of items that the buyer would either like to have fixed or he would like to receive compensation for.  After working off some of the items on the list, i.e., sticking door, loose door knob, caulking and insulation on central A/C lines, etc., I consulted with my realtor and we reached a decision to give the buyer some smaller $ amount in concessions.  We’re pretty sure it was the buyer’s intent all along to nit-pick on the inspection so he could get help with his closing costs.  So, we submitted a response to that effect, got positive feedback from the buyers realtor, and therefore hope to be closing on or about the 1st of June 🙂

This morning (Tuesday), we are expecting an appraiser to be at the house.   So I intend to brave the constant rain (it rained all night too) and go over to the house to answer any questions or do whatever might help things along… The appraisal is the last hurdle to get through on this home selling (mis)adventure.  Wish us luck…


FCRV Rally – continued (Brush, CO)

On Saturday, we joined most of the 100+ FCRV attendees here at the Morgan County Fairgrounds for a flag-raising ceremony.  The flags arrived in a parade of old John Deere tractors.






After the flag-raising ceremony and accompanying musical tribute(s); we were able to peruse some of the classic agricultural-engineering-vehicles; aka “tractors”.



Checking out tractors was almost as fun as a classic car show 🙂

Then we joined the smaller group for our morning 2-mile walk again:


As we rounded the park on our walk-about, we came upon a rather large group of local boy scouts:


They were shooting up their Estes Rockets…




Several of our walking group stayed to watch some of the rocket-launching activities.  We saw one go into a tree; and one got hung on a telephone cable; and another one or two, plummeted down like missiles when their parachutes didn’t open.  It brought back memories of childhood… ahhh, to be young again.

Later in the day, around noon-time, we took part in the raffle and vendor sale activities in the event building.  They served hot-dogs, brats, and ice-cream.  We also joined many others in wandering around the grounds on a scavenger hunt.  We had to find hidden flags with a flamingo on them to mark our scorecards… when complete, we turned them in for a chance to win prizes.

Then it was time for another “happy-hour”:



Just before dinnertime, we watched another storm front move into the area.



Luckily, the heavy rain passed us by and we were able to stay somewhat dry.

After another fine dinner at the events building we gathered again for announcements and door prizes.  I won one of the 50/50 drawings from earlier, Yoo Hoo!… $65 dollars!

Our friend Linda, (below) won a $25 gift certificate from the previous days’ downtown scavenger hunt.  Unfortunately, the certificate is only good at local establishments… and guess what?  They’re all closed on Sunday and the certificate expires in a few months.  Sorry Linda.


And then Stilla won the drawing for the Flamingo scavenger hunt!  A $30 dollar Visa gift card.  Yoo Hoo again!



Today (Sunday), we head on back to Colorado Springs.  It’s been a great time with family (Dad & Stepmom Elaine), and our other friends in the FCRV group.

In other news from the home-selling front:  We got the results of the home inspection that was conducted on Friday by the buyer.  I was pleasantly surprised, but we have a few things to work out with the buyer.  More on that in my next posting… stay tuned…

Dodging Tornados at the FCRV Rally (Brush, CO)

Our first full day (Friday) at the FCRV “Spring-Fling” Rally started out with a 2-mile walk for those members that wanted to go.


A rather nice, scenic route was marked for us by Rally volunteers.  It went around a pond and the local park.  The weather was cool but dry.


Here’s our friend Linda walking Porter… or is Porter walking Linda?






We walked past the Brush Area Museum and Cultural Center, which is a former schoolhouse built in 1912.  Maybe we will find time later to check it out since it’s right next to the fairgrounds where we’re parked.



We returned to the fairgrounds after our walk-about.  We logged in our miles at the events building… the miles are converted into “Brush-Bucks” that can be used to purchase FCRV related items.


We hung out at the fairgrounds most of the day except for the girls who went on a scavenger hunt of sorts, to get stamps from local businesses downtown.  A drawing for prizes will be held later this weekend for those that participated.

And, then we had a little excitement just before dinnertime.  We got tornado warnings on our iPhones and could see the clouds heading our way:


Pretty ominous looking, eh?


The local police even stopped by to make sure we were all aware.



We watched the whirling clouds as they got closer and closer… luckily (for us) they passed over without incident.


We put away all the chairs and tables and hunkered down to hide from the rain that we could still see coming our way after the tornado-like clouds passed.  The rain, mixed with a brief hail-storm passed quickly.


We then went to the events building to enjoy a catered meal of BBQ pulled-pork.



There was also a section of “flea-market” type items for sale that we perused.  Members donate the items and the proceeds go to the club.  There was even a kitchen sink for sale there 🙂


We finished off our first evening with entertainment from a Father/Daughter team.  They were really good, and had CDs for sale after the show.


That’s all for now… stay tuned…


A House Offer & Weekend Outing (Brush, CO)

It’s was a good morning Thursday.  First-of-all; it wasn’t raining for a change.  And second-of-all; we finally got a good offer on the house!  I got the email from my Uncle (the realtor) as we were packing up to meet our group so we could convoy to the FCRV “Spring-Fling” Rally in Brush, CO.

We delayed our departure a little bit while I brought up the contract via email and applied our digital signatures.  We got very close to our asking price with no seller concessions.  Now, the only thing to worry about is the home inspection scheduled for this morning (Friday).  Hopefully it appraises appropriately and the inspector doesn’t find anything expensive for me to fix that I wasn’t aware of.  Our expected closing date will be the first week of June contingent on the buyer getting his existing house sold.  He’s scheduled to close on his house in Canon City at the end of this month.

We were about 15 minutes late joining our convoy at the designated  place (E Woodmen Rd and I-24).  After hugs and greetings we all headed east on I-24 to Limon where I left the convoy to fuel up at the Flying J.  Since we were going to be dry-camping (no electric or water) at the upcoming rally, I need to have at least 1/4 tank of diesel in the fuel tank or the generator won’t run.  This is a built-in safety feature to prevent folks from using all their fuel while boondocking and then not being able to drive to a gas station.  It’s no easy task to get a diesel engine started again after it runs out of fuel due to air in the injector lines.



After Limon, we took Hwy 71 north to Brush.  We never caught back up with the group on the road, but they were still setting up when we joined them again at the Morgan County Fairgrounds.

So, about 150 miles later… we parked the Urban Escape Vehicle and joined everyone for “Happy Hour”…




Even little Coach enjoys “Happy Hour”!

After “happy hour”, we all (eight of us) went out for dinner in downtown Brush and made it back in time for Stilla to join the other girls for card bingo at the event building.  No, she didn’t win big 😐

Here’s my Dad and stepmom Elaine in front of their Jeep.  They towed the Jeep for the first time since he got the baseplate installed and  found a good deal on a used Blue Ox tow bar.

My Dad and Stepmom Elaine.

So stay tuned… we’ll enjoy activities and the company of the FCRV group this weekend and then probably head back to Colorado Springs on Sunday.  Our spot at the Elks Lodge is already paid-up until the 1st of June.

Hiding from the Hail (Colorado Springs, CO)

We’ve been hunkered down at the Elks Lodge in Colorado Springs hiding from the rain and hail over the last several days.  Looks like we came back to Colorado a little too early 😐 Luckily, any hail we got at the Coach was only pea-sized, – no damage so far;  ‘knock-on-wood’.  There have been reports of damaging hail and some flooding in outlying areas… I hope our luck continues to hold out and springtime gets here soon.

Pikes Peak in the background over the Urban Escape Vehicle.

We haven’t even been able to do much at the house due to the crummy weather.  Everything I need (or want) to do, requires good weather, i.e., pull dandelions/weeds; spray weed & grass killer on the landscape rocks; spread grass seed on bare spots, etc.,

At least Stilla has had plenty of opportunity to hang out with our daughters and grandson.  The grandson even got to sleep-over which is always a treat for him until he gets bored and realizes that we don’ t have an X-Box 360 or Playstation 🙂

News on the home-selling front; We got an offer!  However, the potential buyer has to sell his present house which (I’m told) isn’t scheduled to  close until mid-June.  As a matter-of-fact,  we countered his offer but haven’t got a formal response yet… apparently the potential buyer wants to get through an inspection on his present house first.  Meanwhile, the potential buyer has scheduled an inspection on our house for this Friday, which (I assume) is a good sign that he’s serious.  While waiting; we continue to have showings; four more this past weekend.  All we can do is wait and see…

In other news: We plan on joining my Dad and Stepmom this coming weekend for “Spring-Fling” with the Family Campers & RV’ers (FCRV) in Brush, CO.  This is supposed to be the “kickoff to summer”…  we’ll see if the summer really “kicks off” 🙂  I’ll keep you posted.

Also – a ‘shout-out’ to Daniel Malmquist who stopped by for a quick visit recently.  Daniel is a long-time reader of the blog and friend.  Stop by anytime Danny…

Stay tuned for more mis-adventure…